Best Beer Brand In India – Most Popular Beer


India is going to be the largest consumer of beer in the world. Therefore, many international beer companies are entering the Indian market to get a lot of profit. In this way, the ultimate profit is earned by the consumers as national and international beer companies are providing the consumers with the best beer brands at reasonable prices.

We hope that your search for getting the best beer brands is over here. We have curated a list of the top 10 beer companies in India that are ruling in the alcohol industry. Hence, if you also belong to a huge alcohol-consuming group, you should try these beer brands as soon as possible and satisfy your soul with refreshing beverages. With beer brands, rum brands might also interest you.

1. Kingfisher

Kingfisher Beer

Who doesn’t know the name of the king of the alcohol industry? Kingfisher is the best beer company that you should choose to drink from. The best thing about this alcoholic beverage is that it is available in diverse variants at reasonable prices. If you talk about its market size, then, I will tell you that Kingfisher has sponsored many sports teams such as FC Goa, Southampton F.C., Royal Challengers, etc.

Now, the company is expanding its business worldwide. This is available in more than 60 countries and its consumers like it for its trusted variants.

2. Carlsberg

Carlsberg beer

Carlsberg is one of the oldest multinational brewing companies that was founded in the year 1847. The founder of the company was J.C. Jacobson. Talking about its market size, it is not restricted to India, but its highly valued variants are popular in China, Russia, Latvia, etc. You can love its best variants such as Carlsberg Classic, Carlsberg Elephant Strong Malt, and Carlsberg Malt Premium.

3. Budweiser

Budweiser beer

Budweiser is not an Indian beer company but holds a reputed place in the Indian market for its rich taste and color. This North -American company is highly popular in more than 80 countries. The company is known for not compromising on taste and offering the best beers to its customers. If you want to taste something that can make you rock at the party, you should certainly try the Budweiser beer.

4. Tuborg

Tuborg beer

Do you know that your favorite beer company Tuborg is a part of the Carlsberg Group? This Danish brewing company’s beer must be tried by you to get a strong taste of alcohol. It has been a sponsor of many sports teams in the world including the Indian sports teams. Therefore, Tuborg is known to satisfy millions of Indian alcohol lovers. You will certainly love its variants i.e. Tuborg Red, Tuborg Twist, Tuborg Green, Tuborg Lemon, and Tuborg Strong.

5. Foster’s

Foster's beer

Looking for one of the most popular brewing companies in India? Foster’s is the largest-selling Australian beer company that has gained a huge market share in India by offering consumers an incredible taste of alcohol. Many Indian alcohol consumers love to drink Foster’s with mutton and chicken. In November 1888, two American brothers i.e. Ralph R. Foster and William M. founded this company and made it a leading name in the international market.

6. Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000 beer

If you want to enjoy the authentic taste of beer, you should visit a restaurant in South Goa that has been managed by the grandchildren of Anthony Hayward. Anthony Hayward founded a brewing company known as Haywards 5000 in South Asia. Those who are strong beer lovers should give this drink a try as the presence of alcohol is high in this brand. Therefore, it has established an incredible place in the Indian market that can not be replaced by any other company in India. Hence, enjoy its popular variant Haywards 5000 ultra-strong beer.

7. Corona Extra

corone extra beer

Are you wondering about the name of this beer company? Are you thinking about the tragic events of the Corona outbreak? You should not associate the company’s name with the tragic covid 19 period.

Corona Extra is a Belgian brewing company that has got a significant place in India. The youngsters like its unique alcoholic taste and color with burgers, pizza, and other spicy food items. You can also enjoy its salty maltiness at reasonable prices. Its unique variants such as Corona Light, Corona Premier, Corona Extra Beer, and Corona Familiar have made it a popular name across the world. You will get it enlisted in the best-selling beer brands in the USA.

8. Bira 91

Bira 91 beers

Check out one of the selling Indian manufacturers of beers here. Talking about The beer brand Bira 91 is manufactured by B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd. This company was founded by a very renowned Indian businessman i.e. Ankur Jain. A tremendous response has been given by the Indian youth to this beer brand for introducing high-quality beer variants such as Bira 91 Blonde, Bira 91 Indian Pale Ale, Bira 91 White, Bira 91 Strong, and Bira 91 Light.

Now, you are thinking about how this brand has become so popular in the Indian market within a short period. The reason is that it contains the low bitterness of wheat beer and the substance of alcohol is also mild in it.

9. Heineken

Heineken beer

The second largest beer company in the world is Heineken. There are more than 165 breweries in this company across the world. The main reason behind its popularity in India is its premium Dutch quality at affordable prices. No doubt, the company has won many international awards including the Medaille d’Or at the Columbian Exposition in Paris. In this way, you can understand its competitive outstanding position worldwide.  Try Heineken’s strong large beer at the party tonight.

10. Godfather

Godfather beer

As the name suggests, the Godfather is a Godfather of the beer industry. It is known for its smooth and malty taste that you should never miss getting unlimited energy in your body. This is a highly acclaimed Indian brand that is enjoying a good market size due to its smooth flavor that you will never forget when you will drink it at once. Hence, why miss the taste of the popular variants i.e. Godfather Super Strong, Godfather Legendary, and Godfather Super?