Top 6 Best Raincoats for Bikers (Men) in India 2024


For bikers looking for an exceptional raincoat to use while biking and riding motorcycles in India in 2024, here’s our pick for best raincoats suited to bikers: waterproof with taped or sealed seams to withstand rainwater resistance, high neck collar and adjustable hood for best wearability; user reviews have also been taken into consideration for each raincoat listed here. So let’s begin! Here is our choice for India in 2024 of best bike raincoats to consider: waterproof taped seam raincoat with high neck collar & adjustable hood for ultimate biker comfort & protection when out riding motorcycle riders need it:)! So let us begin with India: here are our chosen best biker raincoats 2024: waterproof raincoats designed specifically designed to protect from heavy downpour.

Raincoats for bikers in India have advanced significantly over time to meet the evolving demands of modern riders. Constructed using high-tech materials and innovative features to provide maximum protection and comfort during wet weather rides.

One notable advancement is the increased use of waterproof and breathable fabrics like Gore-Tex or similar proprietary materials to keep bikers dry from both rain and sweat, reducing discomfort as well as health concerns due to prolonged moisture exposure.

Raincoats designed specifically for bikers often include reflective elements or high-visibility accents to improve visibility during low light or heavy rainfall, thus improving road safety overall.

Additionally, manufacturers have placed great effort into improving the ergonomic design of raincoats to provide a snug yet uninhibiting fit while riding. Some models come equipped with adjustable cuffs, waistbands and hood designs so each rider can find their own perfect match.

Additionally, India’s market offers a variety of styles for bikers from full-length raincoats to shorter jackets that meet individual biker preferences across regions and climates in India.

Overall, India’s raincoats for bikers in 2024 offer riders practical yet fashionable protection from wet weather riding, making wet weather biking both more enjoyable and safer than ever before.

1. Bulfyss Men’s Raincoat for Bikers 100% Water-tight Reversible Double Layer.

Bulfyss Men’s Raincoat tops our list as one of the best raincoats for bikers under Rs. 1500, boasting 100% waterproof properties and featuring double layers of Polyester material with button and zipper closure to prevent rainwater penetration into its layers. If waterproof biker rainwear is what you are after this rainy season then look no further – Bulfyss would make an excellent selection.


Some of its best features include; reversible raincoat that features waterproof pockets & pants, an extendable hood, carrying pouch, lightweight material.

2. Wildcraft Men Stylish Rain Cheater Suit for Bikers (Waterproof)

Moving forward on our list, Wildcraft provides stylish waterproof raincoats designed specifically for bikers. Crafted with high-performance fabric coating and sealed seams to make sure this wildcraft raincoat remains watertight; furthermore its two tone color scheme makes this Raincoat ultra sleek and fashionable!

If you are in the market for stylish rainwear under Rs 2000 this Wildcraft raincoat would surely top the list.

3. Clownfish Reversible Raincoat for Bikers with Pants (Double Layer).

Clownfish offers one of the lowest price yet highest-quality waterproof raincoats for men on our list, featuring waterproof technology with double layers made out of polyester material for added security against heavy downpours. At just Rs 899 on Amazon currently this Clownfish raincoat makes an attractive and cost-effective biking raincoat solution! Reversible with sealed seams providing additional security against rain showers!


Reflective stripes on both front and back provide safety when traveling at night – this vest is great for cyclists, office workers, hikers/campers/cyclists/ construction workers etc.

This lightweight raincoat stands out among our selection due to its portability. Additionally, this model comes complete with side pockets and features such as watertight zippers to stop any seeping through as well as an integrated pouch to store away after each use.

4. Zeel Best Men’s Stylish Raincoat for Bikers with Pants (Tough & Durable).

Next on our list is the Zeel Men’s Raincoat. A leading Indian raincoat brand, Zeel has quickly become one of the go-to choices among bikers, daily commuters and hikers. Their waterproof Raincoat boasts features like Polyester fabric chest pocket adjustable hood YKK Zipper mobile pocket carry pouch allowing it to withstand light downpours as well as moderate or even heavy downpours while offering protection from dust or wind.


Constructed of high-grade materials, it offers excellent protection from rain, wind, and other elements to keep you comfortable on every journey. Plus its sleek design enhances both appearance and functionality thanks to a tailored fit and adjustable features – adding another element of convenience!

One of the standout features of this raincoat is its inclusion of pants to provide full body protection in even extreme conditions. Built to match up to its counterpart coat in terms of toughness and durability, these durable yet comfortable bottoms ensure complete coverage while giving bikers peace of mind on every journey.

As your go-to raincoat for both everyday commuting and long distance rides, Zeel offers men the Best Men’s Stylish Raincoat with Pants as the ideal companion. More than just rainwear; Zeel makes statement pieces to help stay dry in style while reflecting both functionality and style on the road – the Zeel Best Men’s Stylish Raincoat will ensure that you keep ahead of any incoming showers with its striking designs that also stay fashionable! Stay dry yet fashionable at every stop with Zeel!

Priced at Rs1699, its current cost may seem steep but definitely represents good value given the quality.

5. Citizenactivegear Waterproof Raincoat for Bikers

If you require an excellent, waterproof windcheater jacket riding, look no further than citizenactivegear double-layer raincoat made of Polyester material with adjustable hood and drawcord features for comfort as well as high neck collar, high collar collar height adjustment feature drawcord tie fastening system with two side pockets and flap over zipper closure flap over zippers that add style and flair! Plus the printed jacket adds another element that adds flair!

Double-layer protection ensures riders remain dry even in torrential downpours with its double-layered construction: outer waterproof fabric repels rainwater while an inner soft and breathable lining keeps the biker comfortable; together these layers block moisture out while permitting sweat to escape for improved ventilation; keeping them feeling less humid or overheated than they otherwise would in these extreme conditions. This raincoat features an attractive design with reflective accents for increased visibility in low-light conditions, adjustable cuffs and hood for customized fit and extra rain protection, lightweight construction for ease of packing/carrying/packing so bikers are always prepared for unexpected weather situations! Its sleek yet stylish silhouette comes complete with reflective accents to enhance visibility even under low lighting conditions, including adjustable cuffs for customized fits, as well as customizable protection from raindrops!

6. Rynox Gear H2GO Pro 2 Rain Jacket for Bikers and Riders

Topping our list of raincoats designed specifically for bikers is Rynox Gears H2GO Pro 2, recommended by one of our team members who is an active user himself. Compared with the rest of this list’s raincoats, this one stands out by featuring Double Ripstop Water Resistant Polyester (DWP), performance layering system and quality YKK Zippers specifically tailored for motorcyclists – an advantage other raincoats on this list lack.

H2GO Pro 2 Rain Jacket, constructed of premium materials, boasts exceptional water resistance to ensure riders remain dry even during heavy downpours. Its durable outer shell repels rain while remaining breathable to reduce sweat build-up inside.

With rider safety as its top priority, this jacket features reflective panels to improve visibility in low light conditions, offering safer rides during inclement weather or night journeys. Adjustable cuffs and collar allow a custom fit while extended back designs provide coverage against water seepage.

H2GO Pro 2 Rain Jacket features multiple pockets to allow riders to safely store essentials when out and about. Plus, its compact and lightweight design make it convenient to carry with them and store away when not needed, helping ensure riders remain ready for unexpected changes in weather.