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Top 10 Saree Brands in India

However, Saree is a traditional Indian cloth but it is also preferred by fashion-conscious women who only prefer to wear Western outfits. The idea behind this is that this adds elegance and beauty to their look. Therefore, you will get a nice and unique collection of sarees in each woman’s wardrobe in India according to their taste and occasion. If you are hunting for the top 10 saree brands in India, then, you have landed at the right place. In this article, we have curated a list of the top 10 saree brands that are known for manufacturing iconic sarees in the Indian fashionable clothing industry. Also, have a look at Nayathara’s saree images.

1. Mimosa


Mimosa brand sells its high-quality silk sarees worldwide. Its brand value is very high due to its fashion connoisseurs who manufacture designer and fashionable sarees according to the different tastes and choices of customers located in various regions of India.  At Mimosa, you will get sarees of all fabric types including crepe, cotton, bananas, net, chiffon, art silk, faux georgette, khadi silk, super net, Tushar silk, and Kanchipuram silk. These sarees are best fitted for every occasion. Hence, you will get a gorgeous and stylish look after wearing the Mimosa saree.

2. Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar began its journey at Karol Bagh, New Delhi in 1970. Now, it has more than 35 stores across the country that are known for offering an elegant and graceful range of sarees. If you want to purchase timeless and gorgeous sarees, you should explore the best ones from a huge saree collection of Meena Bazaar. You will get designer sarees that are handcrafted and woven intricately to redefine the definition of beauty, grace, and confidence for you.

3. Libas


Libas, a well-known woman’s ethnic wear brand has completed more than 35 years in the clothing industry. The products that are manufactured by this brand are unique and stylish fitted for every occasion. Moreover, you can avail of heavy discounts on classic Libas fits. If you buy from its sale, you will get free shipping on purchases above Rs 1000.  Hence, if you are looking for the trendiest sarees, you should trust the quality of the Libas brand as it offers uncompromised quality on products.

4. Satya Paul

Satya Paul

Under the fashion expert, Rajendra Pratap Singh India’s leading clothing brand Satya Paul has been reinventing itself. The sarees of this brand are included in the list of top premium branded sarees. You will get a vast collection of expensive sarees. Hence, if you are looking for luxurious sarees for any wedding party or event, you should prefer the exclusive range offered by Satya Paul. You will get a regal spirit and get a gorgeous look.

5. Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra

Have you ever heard the name, Manish Malhotra? Manish Malhotra is a fashion expert who has been working for Bollywood films, actors, and actresses. When you see the sarees designed by this leading fashion designer, you will be influenced by the heavy and unique work done on sarees. Then, you will also understand the high price range set him. His every saree speaks of his laborious work, research, and honesty. If you can purchase luxurious sarees, you should explore the collection of Manish Malhotra. You will certainly get beauty and grace with confidence. He is also the best fashion designer in India. There is a list of top 10 fashion designers in India.

6. Kalanjali


Kalanjali is another popular brand of Indian sarees. This brand was launched in the year 1992. Since then, this brand has been manufacturing traditional sarees and ethnic wear across the country. Due to superior quality, it has made a global presence successfully.  The CEO of Kalanjali never compromises on quality and works with designers to design a magnificent collection of sarees. Therefore, the brand value of Kalanjali sarees is very high in the Indian market. Moreover, you can place orders online also.

7. Gaurang


Have you ever heard the name Gaurang Textile? If you are fond of khadi sarees, then, you must have heard this name. What makes these sarees special is the unique efforts laid by the craftsmen in designing unique pieces of sarees. Around 7000 weavers have been getting their livelihood from this leading textile industry. When you will start exploring the range of Gaurang sarees, you will get a breathtaking wow on each piece as each piece has been designed with great love and hard work for offering the best one to their customers.

8. Fab India

Fab India

Founded in 1960, Fab India has become one of the best saree brands across the country. It has a successful chain of retail stores in India. The craftsmen belong to rural areas of the country. In this way, this company has become a source of livelihood for many weavers. They put their best efforts and raw materials to design trendy and unique pieces for the ladies. You should explore its trendiest range of sarees. You will get premium quality sarees at affordable prices.

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9. Deepam


Are you searching for pure Mysore silk and Kanjeevaram sarees? If yes, then, you should explore a great range of sarees here. Dr. Shruti Gowda, former Mrs. India Karnataka, and Ms. India is the brand ambassador of this brand. In addition to shopping from physical stores of the Deepam brand, you can book video shopping as well. You can book a video appointment and your order will be dispatched in 48 hours.  Hence, you should get a delightful experience of Deepam saree shopping as this is the best destination for Kanjeevaram sarees.

10. Kalamandir


Kalamandir brand is owned by Sai Silk Kalamandir Ltd. This textile industry was founded in the year 2005. This industry is a team of weavers, artisans, and craftsmen who have been designing the trendiest sarees seamlessly. This fashion house is known for delivering the best customer service to precious customers. If you are looking for the best Indian sarees to wrap yourself elegantly, then, you should choose the sarees of the Kalamandir brand. Its nine exclusive saree stores are spread across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. You will certainly get a huge and exclusive range of silk sarees that you have never seen before.

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