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Best Cotton Nighty Brands in India

Getting a good night’s sleep is a necessity to feel refreshed and relaxed the next morning. The more you have had a good sleep at night, the more energetic and productive you will feel the next day to start your day. It truly impacts your productivity to do the work. Many Indian garment companies are manufacturing cotton nighties for ladies. Subsequently, they will feel zest the next day to continue household chores or office work. A good cotton nighty gives you an elegant look and comfortable feel. If you are searching for those brand’s list that are offering superior-quality cotton nighties, then, you have landed at the right place. This article will provide you with a piece of information regarding the best cotton nighty brands in India. Also, it might interest you to know the brands of Handbags.

1. Romaisa


Romaisa is deemed one of the best brands when we enlist the names of the best cotton nighty brands in India. Comfort is another name of the brand Romaisa. You can explore a wide range of cotton nighty suits of different designs and colors. When you will see these uniquely designed nighty suits, you will get lost in their colors and designs. If you want to give a lovely gift yourself that can offer you the utmost comfort, then, you should choose the Romaisa brand. You should not bleach these nighties. Just wash them with your hands only.

2. Zivame


The company Zivame was founded in the year 2011 to offer unlimited choices to women for their intimate wear. The brand promises the customers those items that are according to the latest trends. You will get 100& pure cotton nighties that are soft, comfortable, and breathable. You should buy your favorite nightwear on Zivame, you will get it at the best prices. You will feel relaxed at the end of the day when you will wear the Zivame cotton nighty suit.

3. Zeyo

Zeyo nighties

More than 50 years are passed since the brand Zeyo’s establishment but the quality of Zeyo is still unmatched. You will get the best quality fabric at the best prices. The Zeyo brand aims to offer loungewear and nightwear to ladies that can offer them a peaceful and comfortable sleep. In this way, they can get rest to start doing work refreshed the next day. Hence, you should explore a wide range of Zeyo nightwear and buy your favorite and trending one.

4. Miss Chase

miss chase nighty

Miss chase is one of the leading women’s fashion online shopping stores in India. This online shopping store designs and manufactures the best quality items for women. There’s no need to pay for the middlemen. Subsequently, you will not only get quality and trending pieces of cloth here but also at affordable prices. The team at Miss Chase is known for innovative and creative designs that can add more value to your look.

5. House of Artemis

house of arternis

House of Artemis is known for offering a minimalistic premium quality lounge brand that caters to the needs of every range of customers. They are available in free sizes. Your body figure can adapt to these nighty dresses easily. The brand gives an assured quality of colors. The colors are not faded with time easily. The good thing is that you can either hand wash them or wash them in the machine easily. Hence, you should explore a wide range of the House of Artemis on its website.

6. Eden & Ivy – Amazon Brand

Eden & Ivy

Eden & Ivy is Amazon’s brand that offers comfortable and chic cotton nighties to ladies. These modern-style nighties are available at your budget prices. The best thing is its fabric. Its fabric is of cotton elastic that can fit anyone’s size. You will certainly feel nice and relaxed after wearing the gorgeous cotton nighties of Eden & Ivy. You will get a good range of options on Amazon as this brand of Amazon is highly popular on it.

7. July

July Nighty

July is the brand of the founder Neha Bajaj. If you want to try something new that you have never tried before, you should try the brand July.  The good thing is that its nightwear items are available in many colors and sizes. Some of its items are high in price. Therefore, a few online shopping stores are giving an EMI option as well to make their purchasing easy for customers. Hence, buy stunning sleepwear items that are soft, cozy, and breathable.

8. Clovia

Clovia nighty

Clovia brand has got recognition in every household due to its good quality fabric and design. The fashionable and comfortable items are designed by the team to cater to the needs of different types of customers across the country. This brand offers a wide range of colors including pastel colors to bright colors. By wearing Clovia nightwear, you will give a nice treat to yourself and lead a luxurious life as its smooth and shiny fabric will give you comfort.

9. Sweet Dreams

sweet dreams nighty

No matter what size, gender, and age you have, you will get the best cotton nighties for everyone. Sweet Dreams brand was first launched in the year 1989 and has garnered the utmost attention of customers of all age groups. In this brand, both Western and ethnic options are available at the best prices. Out of many options of fabric, you can choose between satin blends and cotton blends. When you will buy this nightwear, you will feel that it has been designed with minimalistic and shows exquisite craftsmanship.

10. The Kaftan Company

The Kaftan Company

Some fake companies are using the name of the Kaftan company and selling low-quality materials to customers. But when you analyze the quality of the Kaftan Company products, you will find that the quality is superior. The designed products are not only stylish and graceful but also fit for each body type and size. The thing that highly matters for the company is the satisfaction of customers. Therefore, each product’s fabric, style, and design matter to its team. You should also try the cotton nighties of such an ideal brand of the fashion and garment industry i.e. the Kaftan Company.