Bridal Blouse Aari Work Designs For Wedding

Bridal aari work blouse design

Bridal Blouse Design Aari Work

Are you hunting for the bridal aari work blouse designs? If yes, then, you have landed at the right place. Aari’s work originated in Andhra Pradesh and has gained prominent recognition nationwide. The aari work can not be done so fast. It needs patience, time, and expertise skills. Hence, the master artisans used to embroider this magnificent piece of work on different types of fabrics. For this, a special kind of needle is used that the craftsmen use in the leather footwear industry. They have to pass the threads both above and below the fabric. When discussing bridal blouse designs, this traditional art gets the royal richness to become more elegant. The traditional and master artisans do the use of beads, stones, golden threads, and silver threads. In this way, a simple aari work is elevated and gets richness. You would also be interested in modern blouse back side designs.

In this article, you will read about different types of bridal aari work blouse designs. Subsequently, you will get great help when choosing a bridal blouse for yourself or your sister, or your friend. Hence, continue reading the article and explore magnificent Aari work blouse designs with me. Also, see some latest and new full and half blouse sleeves designs.

1. Zig Zag Stitch

Zig Zag Stitch

Do you want to flaunt your beauty on the occasion of your wedding? If yes, then, you should wear the blouse of traditional and unique aari work. If you try the zigzag stitch on your bridal blouse, you will look glamorous and stunning. The zigzag embroidery will give you a new look and style. Whoever will meet you, will be astonished to see such a stylish bridal blouse. The zig-zag embroidery is a unique embroidery that expresses beauty and fashion. Hence, choose zig-zag embroidery work for your bridal blouse and get lots of applause from your friends for buying such a unique work of magnificent art.

2. Load stitch

Load stitch

If you like the bridal blouse of load stitch, you will look fabulous when you enter the wedding hall. The load stitch is often referred to as a chain stitch or a lazy daisy stitch. In this embroidery work, the stones, laces, half beads, and sugar beads are also stitched to give the design a heavy look. Subsequently, you will find that the load stitch bridal blouse looks heavy and beautiful. You can look elegant if you wear the load stitch bridal blouse and make your special day more special.

3. Buttonhole stitch

Button hole stitch

The buttonhole stitch is also known as button stitch or close stitch. In this embroidery work, the stitches are done more closely than the other types of embroidery work. In this way, the master artisans offer rare and spectacular embroidery works on the bridal blouses. The demand for buttonhole stitches is high in India. If we discuss the popularity of the aari work, we should feel proud that the traditional art of Andhra Pradesh is getting recognition in other countries as well. You can be more expressive and confident by wearing the bridal blouse with a buttonhole stitch.

4. Leaf stitch

Leaf stitch

It is said that on the day of the wedding, a girl looks the most beautiful in her life. And every girl is different. Her choices are different. Her dreams for her bridal lehnga and blouse are different. If you are also a would-be bride and want to experiment with leaf stitch embroidery on your bridal blouse, then, you should try the leaf stitching embroidery work of Aari work. This wonderful embroidery art is known to make simple embroidery designs of leaves more intricate and detailing. Have a look at the list of hot Indian TV serial actresses who wears interesting sarees and have wonderful blouse designs always.

5. Cross stitch

Cross stitch

Are you going to get married and want to look gorgeous on your wedding night? Then, you have landed at the right place. You should try the Aari work bridal blouses. Though this is the traditional art of Andhra Pradesh, this has come in the latest trend. Out of many options available for embroideries, you can choose the cross stitch embroidery and look gorgeous. When you wear the aari work bridal blouse, you will captivate the attention of everyone at the party. Your bridesmaid will decide to follow your choice on their wedding day.

6. Box stitch

Box stitch

Box chain stitch is highly popular among the aari work designer lovers. If you want to look more charming, you should try the box stitch aari work bridal blouse for your special night. The wedding night is called the most important night in every girl’s life. A lot of planning is done to make this one night memorable. Every girl does not leave any stone unturned to fulfill her dreams. She chooses the mehndi design by doing thorough research on it. She selects the best makeup artist to look like the prettiest woman that night. She chooses a wedding lehenga by exploring an extensive range of trending wedding lehengas. How can she avoid the most important thing- the bridal blouse? If you are also a would-be bride, and exploring a wide variety of fashionable blouses, you should buy the Aari work bridal blouse.

7. Fishbone stitch

Fish bone stitch

Fishbone stitch is an ideal stitch for designing excellent leaves or feathers. This type of arri embroidery is known for perfection. The master artisans of this art have brought many significant changes in their patterns and designs. In this way, they have made it modern and fashionable. A would-be bride awaits her wedding night. She wants to capture every moment in photographs and for this, she selects everything minutely. Her bridesmaids also do preparations to look stunning. If you are either a bride or a bridesmaid, you should buy the Aari work bridal blouse. In this way, you will be able to highlight the beauty of your wedding lehenga more. In the Indian market, an extensive range of aari word bridal blouse options are available. You can select your favorite color and pattern. The fishbone embroidery on your bridal blouse will make your blouse marvelous and you will be able to enhance the beauty of your bridal lehenga. Know about the best saree brands in India.

Hope that you have liked the article and got great help when selecting the Aari work bridal blouse.

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