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Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in India

The existence of direct selling companies has been for many years in India. But the need for them was felt the most when the Covid 19 pandemic hit the country. The demands of the people were satisfied by them at that time. They delivered the goods to the doorstep of the customers and followed the rules of Covid 19. All the companies have their names with the taglines. There is a list of famous taglines of Indian brands which will also interest you more.

Now, direct selling companies in India have given employment to several people. The people who are engaged with these companies earn a good amount of money on a commission basis. They have to build up a network of the company by adding more people.

If you are also finding a way for doing business with any direct selling company in India, you should check out the names of the top 10 direct selling companies in India that are given below:

1. Amway


  • Founded by – Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel
  • Foundation Year – 1959
  • Headquarters – USA
  • Headquarters in India – Gurugram, Haryana (Since 1995)
  • Industries – FMCG Goods
  • Website –

If you are looking for India’s best direct-selling company, you should choose Amway. The market size and share of the company are rapidly growing. The best thing about the company is that it delivers the customers healthy FMCG products without compromising quality in any way. If you choose this company, you will not find difficulty in building up the network in the short term.

2. Herbalife Nutrition Ltd


  • Founded by – Mark R. Hughes
  • Foundation Year – February 1980
  • Headquarters – Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Headquarters in India – New Delhi (Since 1999)
  • Industries – Healthcare and Nutritious Products
  • Website –

Herbalife Nutrition Limited is a multinational company that has been working in India for more than 22 years. What sets this company apart from other direct-selling companies is its healthy products. In today’s world, healthy products are getting more attention from customers. Therefore, the company is ranked among the top 10 direct-selling companies in India.

3. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

Mi Lifestyle

  • Founded by – Pravin Chandan
  • Foundation Year – 2013
  • Headquarters – New Delhi
  • Industries – Marketing and advertising
  • Website –

To provide customers with free business opportunity benefits, the company Mi Lifestyle is known for high-quality lifestyle products. The company aims to provide customers with business opportunities without making them invest. The company is built on a flexible shopping model and is committed to making its customers financially independent.

4. Eazyways

Eazyways company

  • Founded by – Shah
  • Foundation Year – 2001
  • Headquarters – Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • Industries – Ayurvedic company
  • Website –

Another best direct-selling company in India that is spreading its network rapidly is Eazyways company. It is an Indian company that is offering one of the best-quality Ayurvedic and herbal products to its customers. Furthermore, its business plan is to attract its customers to join its network and earn income on a commission basis. To know more about the company’s schemes, visit its website. You would also like to know about the best hair oil brands in India.

 5. Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd

vestige marketing

  • Founded by – Gautam Bali
  • Foundation Year – 2004
  • Headquarters – New Delhi
  • Industries – Health, Wellness, and Fitness
  • Website –

In a short span of 18 years, the founder of the company Vestige Gautam Bali has taken the company’s name to the international level. Its health and wellness products are world-class products. More than 3000 online and offline sales outlets are present in the company in India. It is building a promising chain of distributors across the country and bringing change to the lives of its customers.

6. Modicare Limited

modicare ltd

  • Founded by – Samir Modi
  • Foundation Year – 1996
  • Headquarters – New Delhi
  • Industries – Consumer Goods
  • Website –

Modicare Limited is India’s first direct-selling company. So, give your career a new speed of progress and confidence by becoming a Medicare consultant. You will get up to 20% off on the products of Modicare. The company offers an extensive range of products including wellness, skincare, personal care, home care, etc. If you become the company’s consultant, you will be able to access its seminars, conferences, and events to promote the company’s business. In this way, you will get a good amount of commission.

7. Oriflame


  • Founded by – Magnus Brainstorm
  • Foundation Year – 1967
  • Headquarters – Switzerland
  • Headquarters in India –
  • Industries – Cosmetics
  • Website –

If you join Oriflame i.e. a Swedish beauty product company, you will play the role of the company’s advisor. Thereafter, you will be able to register yourself as a VIP customer, you will get the products at a discount of 20 to 40%. Subsequently, you can sell its customers at MRP prices and earn a huge profit.

8. Avon Products

Avon makeup

  • Founded by- McConnell
  • Foundation Year – 1886
  • Headquarters – London
  • Headquarters in India – Gurugram, Haryana
  • Industries – Cosmetics
  • Website –
  • Global Revenue- 470 crores USD

Avon is a UK-based beauty products company that has been standing firm in the Indian market for years. You can representative and start earning money from home today. The best part about direct selling companies is that the working hours are flexible. This is one of the best makeup brand but it will also excite you to know about the top makeup brands in India,

9. 4 Life

4life products

  • Founded by – Danny Lee
  • Foundation Year – 1998
  • Headquarters – USA
  • Industries – Food products company
  • Website –

The company 4 Life is a multinational direct-selling company that has expanded a huge network cycle across the world. You can be a part of the business cycle of the company and lead a happy life.

 10. Forever Living

forever living products

  • Founded by – Rex Maughan
  • Foundation Year – 1978
  • Headquarters – Arizona, USA
  • Industries – Alovera Products
  • Website –

Forever Living is a multinational company that has emerged as one of the best direct-selling companies in India. The company is known for manufacturing Aolvera based healthy as well as beauty products to bring a revolutionary change in the lives of people. If you want to be a part of its business, you will find a strong platform to earn a huge amount of profit by adding more people to its business.

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