Easy Door Border Rangoli Design For Entrance


Rangoli in India is considered very auspicious. Therefore, women like to decorate their doors by designing beautiful designs of rangoli. Especially, the rangoli designs are designed on the occasion of Diwali. The women believe that by designing the latest rangoli designs, they will welcome the Goddess Laxmi to their homes.  If we talk about the popularity of rangoli designs, then its popularity is not limited to homes. These are popular in schools, colleges, offices, museums, and streets as well. Rangoli designs depict different cultures and traditions that are followed by the people in different regions. Rangoli is an important part of the decoration on all occasions. People also put mehndi on each occasion. Have a look at the baby shower mehndi designs or Godh Bharai function mehndi designs.

Hence, we have included the easy and unique rangoli designs in our article to help you get the best ideas for designing the bewitching Rangoli designs.

1. Simple Border Door Rangoli Design

Border door rangoli designs are highly popular these days in different regions of India. These simple border door designs are not only easy to design but also look very beautiful during the festivities. Perfect design for homes, schools, colleges, museums, offices, and streets. You can also choose the best border design and get the appreciation of your family members. You can use mixed color, dry flour, and shaded sand for skillfully designing border door rangoli design.

Beautiful Rangoli Design

Source: Menaka

2. Beautiful Entrance Door Rangoli Design

Nowadays, it is the trend among women to design rangoli designs outside the entrance door of their homes. In this way, they like to captivate the attention of their neighbors and guests on the occasion of Diwali. You can also design rangoli on the occasion of Diwali at the entrance door of your home and captivate the attention of your neighbors and guests. Thousands of surprising words will make the festivity of Diwali memorable for you. Hence, enjoy this year’s Diwali by designing the beautiful entrance door rangoli design.

Entrance Rangoli Design

Source: Pinterest

3. Famous Tamil Kolam Rangoli Design

In Tamil Nadu, the first day of the first month of Chithirai dawns is celebrated as the New Year. The people celebrate it as a huge festival by visiting the temple and by doing other things. The Tamil women used to etch Kolam or rangoli designs on the door or in the courtyard of their homes. In this way, they etch the symbol of auspiciousness on the day of the new year. The design that is etched as kolam design is a unique design that is a significant part of the custom and culture of the state of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Kolam Rangoli Design

Source: Muguulu Rangoli

4. Auspicious Swastik Rangoli Design

Swastik rangoli designs are liked by the Hindus due to the significance of Swastik in Hindu mythology. It is believed that if the Swastik is etched in the rangoli design, then it represents the symbol of auspiciousness. Therefore, the Swastik Rangoli design is designed outside the Hindu temples and homes. You can also use this best rangoli design to celebrate the festivities and marriage. This will bring health, wealth, and prosperity to your life. Moreover, you will be able to get the WOW from the spectators.

Swastik Rangoli Design

Source: Dipas Art

5. Exquisite Peacock Rangoli Designs

If you are finding something more creative to get the attention of guests, then you should choose the exquisite peacock rangoli designs. You can design these rangolis very easily with the help of dried flour, hued rice, mixed color, shaded sand, and flower petals. If you put candle lights/diyas around your rangoli design, then you will be astonished to see the beauty of the colorful peacock rangoli design. Hence, if you are fond of creativity, then choose the exquisite peacock rangoli design for this year’s Diwali and welcome happiness and prosperity along with your family. Peacock is very famous when it comes to art and creativity. People also put peacock feather mehndi designs on their palms.

Peacock Rangoli

6. Special Rangoli Design with the Portrait of Lord Ganesha

This special rangoli design with the portrait of Lord Ganesha will make you win thousands of applauses. If you are going to participate in the school rangoli competition, then this will surely help you get the first rank. This is the easiest one that you will ever design. Design this unique rangoli on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi and express your devotion to God in this way. This auspicious will make you feel good and the people around you will also feel good when they will see it.

Lord Ganesha Rangoli

7. Incredible Flower Rangoli Designs

Flowers always enchant the mind and hearts of people. The rangoli designs that are designed with the help of colorful flower petals always look incredible. You can also choose it for the upcoming festivity and give a grandeur look to your rangoli design. The flower petals that will be scattered on the rangoli design will magnify the beauty of the surroundings wherever it will be designed. Hence, choose the simplest and the most beautiful rangoli design for the festivities. Flowers are used everywhere on all the occasions. Flower is a part of Jaimala for weddings as well. Have a look at unique and beautiful jaimala designs for the wedding.

Floral Rangoli Design

8. Fabulous Border Flower Rangoli Designs

The border flower rangoli design is in trend nowadays. It not only symbolizes the traditional importance but also gives a modern look to the rangoli designs. Hence, get a variety of flowers that you will like to design the border flower rangoli designs on the entrance door of your house. You will get lots of praising words from your family members and the guests who will visit your home.

Border Rangoli Design

9. Spectacular Papad Rangoli Design of Gujarat

If you are looking for an aesthetic Gujarati rangoli design, then, you can choose a papad rangoli design that is unique in itself. Gujaratis are known for celebrating the festivities with pomp and show. Their rangoli designs are also popular across India for their beautiful color combination and uniqueness.  They use some delicacies to design such type of spectacular designs. You can also design it and give a different look to your entrance door.

Rangoli Design

Source: Styles At Life

10. Artistic Mandana Rangoli Design

Choose the famous rangoli design of Rajasthan and design the artistic Mandana rangoli design on the entrance of your door. Give your creativity uniqueness. The best design of rangoli that you will ever choose is the Mandana rangoli design for the occasion of Diwali. Why wait? Take a screenshot of this design now and amaze the visitors with your beautifully etched rangoli.

Mandana Rangoli Design