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Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

In the kitchen, a sink is a necessity for rinsing dishes, washing vegetables, and washing hands. When we install the sink in our kitchen, we look for some things i.e. size, quality of material, no. of sink compartments, and its style. Now, you can explore an extensive range of modern and innovative sinks of the best brands at the best prices. Also, have a look at the latest floor tiles when it comes to the interior of the house.

If you are going to buy a sink for your modern kitchen, we will suggest you buy a double-bowl kitchen sink to make it more modern and comfortable. These sinks come in different kinds of materials. But people prefer to buy stainless material because of its durability and zero maintenance charge. The best advantage of this type of sink is that you can wash the dishes in one bowl, and rinse them in the other. If there are two people in the kitchen, they can do their work comfortably. In this way, you will be able to make the kitchen the best place in your home where you spend most of the time. Have a detailed information on the latest and most trending main hall double door design in wooden and grill material.

For your help, we have enlisted the top ten brands of double-bowl kitchen sinks.  Hence, continue reading the article and choose the advanced one for your modular kitchen.

1. Bansal Sanitary Store

Bansal Sanitary Store

One of the best-known brands in India is the Bansal Sanitary Store. The company has been in this business since the year 1981. In addition to the kitchen sink, it manufactures, distributes, and exports premium quality exclusive Kohler sanitary ware bathroom fittings, Italian tiles, modular kitchens, stainless steel water tanks, exchange water softeners, etc. The company is known for using the best quality raw materials for manufacturing premium quality products. Its customers prefer this brand for making their homes stylish.

2. Carysil Stainless Steel Sink


In the year 1988, Ashwin M Parekh founded a company named Carysil. The company designed and manufactured its first premium-quality sink with a global brand Schock & Co. Germany. Now, this company is known as the world’s largest producer of quartz kitchen sinks. The company has expertise in manufacturing world-class sinks for customers. In addition, its global experience aids it in satisfying its customers. In addition to the superior quality kitchen sink, the company is known for manufacturing faucets, food waste disposed of units, and kitchen appliances i.e. hobs, ovens, wine chillers, cooktops, and dishwashers. You can explore its extensive range of kitchen products on around 6 continents.

3. Franke Kitchen Sink

Franke Kitchen Sink

Franke is a global name that is known for transforming the lives of many by offering world-class products. The best thing about its product is that its products are not overpriced. You can get an exclusive range of premium quality products at reasonable costs. Moreover, if you buy the Franke kitchen sink, you don’t need to be disappointed. You don’t need to bother about replacing it before 10-15 years. This is because the sink is manufactured with an alloy of nickel, steel, and chrome.

4. Jindal Kitchen Sink


Do you want to get the best quality kitchen sink within your minimum budget? If yes, then, you should buy the Jindal kitchen sink to meet the purpose. The best thing about the product is that the raw materials used in its manufacturing are of premium quality and durable. Consequently, you don’t need to worry about maintenance charges and replacement. This sink will be long-lasting and is available in stylish designs in the Indian market. You can explore it on online shopping stores i.e. Amazon and Flipkart as well.

5. Hafele Splash Sink

Hafele Splash Sink

Have you heard of the name of a German company Hafele that is highly popular in the Indian market? If yes, then, you know how much the customers fall in love with its products. It manufactures the best quality stainless steel double bowl kitchen sink for Indian households. The sinks are manufactured with the help of a German raw material named Silgranit. When you install the Hafele splash sink in your kitchen, you will certainly redefine the beauty and style of your kitchen.

6. Nirali Polished Sink


Nirali BG stainless steel kitchen sink is the finest product of Jyoti Kitchen Industries Pvt. Ltd. This is known as India’s no. 1 and largest-selling brand. With the help of its top-notch technology and team, the company is known for offering innovative designs and facilities to customers in kitchen sinks. Its products are available worldwide including in Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya, India, Europe, and the USA. You can get its sinks anywhere in the country as the company has a wide distribution network of 2000+ dealers to offer customers Nirali polished sinks.

7. Hindware Kitchen Sink


Are you familiar with the name Hindware? Hindware is a leading name in India that manufactures quality products for its customers. The manufactured double bowl kitchen sinks of Hindware are designed with efficient clean drain technology so that no waste food will be stuck to the edges of the holes. In this way, the way of the drainage system is not obstructed. Its premium-grade stainless steel is the best for your and your family’s safety. Moreover, its dual sound absorption feature has been designed to prevent noisy dishwashing in the kitchen. In this way, it helps in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the kitchen.

8. Kaff

Kaff Kitchen SInk

Do you want to make your kitchen an aesthetic space to get everyone’s attention? If yes, then, you should trust the quality of the Kaff company which manufactures a variety of products to offer customers complete satisfaction. With the help of its double-bowl kitchen sink, you can make your work easy. The product has been designed in a way that no rusting will impact its coating. Hence, buy the Kaff double-bowl kitchen sink to ensure the family’s health and hygiene for the long term.

Hope that you have got a good idea regarding the double bowl kitchen sink and its best brands that are highly popular in India. You will certainly get a stylish and advanced double-bowl kitchen sink if you follow the list of our recommended brands of kitchen sinks.