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how was your day

Answer How Was Your Day

How was your day

At the end of the day, somebody texts you to know ‘how was your day’. That person could be your boss, friend, sibling, or parent. At that time, you will think about how to respond so that you will be able to get an engaging conversation on WhatsApp. Whether you have got a good day or a bad day, you should know how to respond in a very well manner. The more impressive your answers are, the more effectively you will be able to impress others with your chat.

Read this whole blog to know how you can answer how was your day in simple and engaging words:

1. Very Useful

How was your day reply

Reply to your boss and colleague by texting ‘very useful.’ In this way, you will show your boss that you are on the right track of progress and you have utilized your day in doing professional work. Your text ‘very useful’ will show your boss that the day was productive.

One thing that should be remembered while answering professional texts is that your texts should be brief and to the point. No other personal information should be added to these texts. Hence, you should reread those messages before sending them.

  • Great! The team members came forward with their new ideas.
  • Productive! Soon, we will get that project for our company.
  • Good! All the meetings went well.

2. It’s been awesome. How about your day?

how was your day reply

Reply to your friends with this text to let them know how great was your day. Express your feelings for your day and keep the conversation on the WhatsApp chat going on by asking them in return ‘How about your day’. In this way, you will get a chance to know about their eventful day in detail. The more we communicate, the more we come to know about others.

  • Wonderful! How was your day?
  • Awesome and how about you?
  • Enjoyed a lot. You?

3. Good! Thanks for your time.

how was your day - good

Another way to answer is how was your day. But this time, it is quite different because it shows how much polite you are to them because you are thanking them for asking about you. If you want to spark this conversation, then, you can ask them about their day in return. This will spread positivity in your conversation and you will feel yourself engaging on WhatsApp in your free time. Have a look at the gratitude quotes.

  • Thanks for asking about me! It was such a good day. How was your day, dear?
  • Sorry for the late reply! I was a little bit busy with the files.
  • Such a sweet friend you are! It was not a bad day. How about you?

4. It was not a good day.

How was your day reply

If you are texting someone whom you can trust. You can tell them frankly that it was not a good day. In this way, you will be able to share the experience of a downright terrible day with your friend honestly.

  • Not so good. How was your day?
  • I wish that I would never experience such a terrible day in my life again.
  • I thought that I should never be with him again.

5. Fine

how was your day - fine

Send the text ‘Fine’ on WhatsApp chat if you don’t want to keep the chat engaging. It is better than avoiding the text messages on WhatsApp of that person with whom you don’t want to talk. Hence, you can use these replies in your chat:

  • Okay
  • It was fine
  • Could be better than today.

6. Any day becomes better when you text me to ask for it.

Lovely day - how was your day reply

If you are falling in love, then, you can text this message on your WhatsApp chat. By texting this message, you will make her blush. A sweet smile will spread on her face. You will be able to express how much affectionate you feel toward them. So, don’t stop using emojis to express your concern and love on WhatsApp chat.

  • Amazing! I was just thinking about you.
  • Superb, you have made my day.
  • Love you darling that you texted me.

7. Feeling better than before. Thanks for asking even late at night.

how was your day reply

You can send this reply to your lover/beloved to let them know how you faced the challenges of today. You can keep the conversation going on by explaining how you are feeling now. In this way, the positive replies that will be sent by your lover/beloved will make you think much better than before. Never forget to pay gratitude to them for their affectionate concern.

  • Challenging one! Now, I am feeling relaxed.
  • Rough day! Thanks for asking.
  • Messy one! I will start tomorrow with new hope.

8. Not too much better

how was your day

Send a reply not too much better on WhatsApp chat to your best friend to feel better than before. By sending this text, you will be able to reveal your hidden feelings and get relief from the burden that you are facing due to your stressful life. In this way, you will increase the chance of getting the right advice.

  • Tiring! Hope that it will not be repeated.
  • Disastrous! I should sleep after taking dinner tonight.
  • Not too much better! I think that I will not get the project.

9. Pretty well. You have no idea what happened in the office today.

how was your day reply

If your colleague asks about the day, then, you can keep the text engaging by making them curious. If you text ‘you have no idea what happened in the office today, he/she will certainly ask what event has been missed in the office. People do ask this when they meet in a coffee shop or cafe while having coffee.

  • Good! Began the new project and the boss was looking happy.
  • Pretty well! You can not imagine what happened during lunch.
  • Guess what! What I have got today?

10. Chilled with friends. 

how was your day reply

Send this text ‘chilled with friends’ to your mother. Tell her what you did with your friends. In this way, you will make her happy by sharing fun moments of the day with her.

  • Adventurous! We did water-rafting in the river,
  • Lucky! He threw a surprise party for his parents.
  • Amazing! We won the match.