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I Love You Forever Quotes

  • You are the only one who resides in my heart. The place that I have given you can’t be given to anyone else.
  • You are my true inspiration. Because of you, I have recognized my true strength.
  • The moment you entered my life, all my dreams have come true. You are my soul partner, my true love.
  • Amidst uncertainties and struggles in my life, only your love remains with me to refresh me. I love you and I will love you forever.
  • No matter how far I am today from you. But the distances of miles never matter when two hearts beat together.

Love You Quotes

  • I am not a rich person who can surprise you with lots of gifts. But I can promise you that I will always be loyal to you.
  • Nobody knows exactly when you will meet with your love. It happens accidentally, not intelligently.
  • True love understands you much better than you, True love respects your emotions and always be with you even in your dark phase.
  • Your happiness is superior to my happiness. I love you and I will always love you forever.
  • Loving you is my choice as your love is my real happiness.

Love you quote

  • If he loves you truly, he will never try to change you. He will accept you with imperfections.
  • Love makes you feel safe and comfortable.
  • When you will fall in love, you will start caring for even small things about your lover.
  • We have met by destiny. We will love each other unconditionally.
  • I love you so deeply that I can never see you in tears.

I love you quotes

  • We are going to start a new life together. You will become my inspiration and I will become your inspiration.
  • Love never dies. It always remains in my memories.
  • From the day you have come into my life, you are the only one for whom I breathe. You are my life. I will love you forever.
  • Everybody doesn’t get true love in this world. Those who get true love should never lose it. Once it is gone, it will never come back.
  • I only know you. I only want to know you. I can wait for your love till the last breath.

Love you forever quotes

  • The only magic that I have seen in my life is in the feeling of love. The presence of love can transform any wild animal into a human being. The absence of love can transform any human being into a wild animal.
  • With all my heartbeats I promise you that I will always be loyal in our relationship. I will love you forever.
  • You are only one star out of billions of stars for me that God only created for me.
  • You are my love from this moment. I will love you forever.

Love U quotes

  • Often, I wonder how much lucky I am that I have got you. You have changed my life. You are the source of my energy. My love for you will never be less in any circumstance.
  • Today, I promise you that I will hold your hand till eternity.
  • Believing that you will be mine one day. I wait for you daily on the beach.
  • It is our hearts deciding the songs of love in unison.
  • I will never leave even though your shadow can leave you. I will place my hands under your feet if there are thorns on your way.

Love you quote

  • You have completed my world. I love you with all my heartbeats.
  • Hold my hand and walk with me till my last breath.
  • I can never imagine losing you. You are the only reason for whom I am taking a breath.
  • When I had no hope, you came as a ray of hope in my life. You are my life and I am your life partner.
  • Stay with me in happiness, sorrow, success, and failure. I will always love you.

I love u quotes

  • Maybe you will find someone else who will love you more than me. But you are the only one whom I will love till my death.
  • If we are together, then, nothing is impossible. Whatever life will bestow on us will be faced by us together.
  • I swear that I will never leave your hand as I have waited for your true love for a long time. I have got it by doing many struggles. I can’t lose you. I can’t lose your true love.
  • In your life’s every moment, I want to be with you. I will love you forever. Will you love me forever?
  • Don’t promise me that you will bring stars and moon for me on the earth. Just promise me that you will stand with me forever through thick and thin.

love you quotes

  • My happiness is your happiness, dear. Your sorrow is my sorrow. I can never forget the promise that I gave you when we decided to live together. I will always love you and you will always be mine.
  • I have found my soul mate in you. Your smile is my strength, the reason for my life.
  • Sing the songs of love with me. I will never leave you in the lurch. Whenever you will remember me, I will always be there for you.
  • I’ll love you forever even if you will find a better option than me.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of my true love for you. I can find you even in the darkness.

i love you quotes

  • Nights never stay for long. Morning comes again. This phase of adversity will also pass away when your hand is in my hand. Thank you to love me when I have nothing to give you.
  • We met unexpectedly. But now, we have decided to see the dreams together for the rest of our life.
  • My love for you will never diminish with time. You are my first and last love.
  • When you first held my hand, I decided to make you my life partner.
  • Can you believe me if I tell you that I love you more than before?

love you

  • Whenever I think about you, I start singing. I love you and I will always love you.

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