Latest Mehndi Tattoo Design For Boys

tattoo mehndi designs

Tattoo Mehndi designs for Boys

Mehndi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, as well as in expatriate communities in those countries.

In the Western world, Mehndi decorations came into vogue in the 1990s, and they are sometimes called henna tattoos. According to different Eastern traditions, henna is applied during special occasions such as weddings and Muslim festivals.

At some Hindu festivals, women like to wear henna decorations on their hands and feet. But not everything is for women, there are also some modern Mehndi’s that are designed for men, with very interesting designs. Also, have a look at the groom’s mehndi designs for their wedding to make the day special also mehndi is considered lucky on this auspicious day.

In this article, we will show you the best designs for men of all ages, from little boys to adult men. Keep in mind that we will be focusing on Mehndi, so they will be more traditional, but you can do a henna tattoo with any type of design.

Here we bring you a top 10 with the best Mehndi designs for men, some are more traditional and others come from Western adaptations, but all are perfect for boys and men. There are also simple and easy front-hand one-side mehndi designs for girls and boys both. We will also include some tips on how you can remove them and how you can take care of them so that they last longer, which is very helpful.

10- Half arm with different figures

Half arm with different figures

This tattoo covers half of the arm with different types of figures. From waves to other geometric shapes. You can choose any shape you like, such as rhombuses, straight lines, squares, and arrows, just let your imagination run wild.

9- Wristband and ring

Wristband and ring

This Mehndi is a Western adaptation of the Mehndi that is used in some weddings. This is because it is a tattoo that fills the entire wrist, and then goes up with a line to the same finger where the wedding ring goes. In this case, it is more than anything with triangles, rhombuses, and straight lines, but you can make another one that has more waves or round shapes.

8- Full-Arm Mehndi

Full-Arm Mehndi

This design completely covers the man’s arm, and also changes in different ways, although forms with straight edges and marked endings predominate. It has many triangles and rhombuses, and they are as if you were covering every part of your arm with bracelets with different designs.

7- Palm Mehndi

Palm of the hand Mehndi

Who said all the fun has to be in the arms? The palms of the hands are a strategic place for traditional Mehndi, which is why it has been adopted in tattoos from all over the world. In this case, there are mostly geometric figures of rhombuses and triangles, but later there will be more abstract ones.

6- Bracelet around the elbow

Bracelet around the elbow

This Mehndi serves to separate the forearm from the rest of the arm, and aesthetically it looks great. It is perfect for summer or hot days when you wear short-sleeved shirts. In this case, it has lines in the form of arrowheads and others that have different turns, but in all cases, they are straight lines.

5- Scorpion Mehndi

Scorpion Mehndi

It was time to show the Mehndis that have animals as protagonists. The scorpion is one of the best animals to have tattooed with henna, it shows manliness, and bravery, and is a symbol of a cunning and agile fighter. You can put it on your arm, leg, hands, back, or wherever you can think of.

4- Full-leg Mehndi

Full-leg Mehndi

Mehndis are also often used on the legs as they have a large amount of space that can be covered. In this case, it has some curved lines mixed with other straight lines, giving a very dynamic design, perfect for the legs. It is ideal for summer or hot days since it shines if you are wearing shorts or Bermuda shorts.

3- Full-hand design

Full-hand design

This Mehndi of the hands is different from the previous ones because it covers all the fingers, in addition to the external face of the hand. This design is quite dynamic, as it combines spirals with lines, triangles, and arrow shapes. Since it mixes curved shapes with other straight ones, it makes it look like there is constant movement, giving it a unique style.

2- The ultimate bracelet

The ultimate bracelet

This bracelet is an adaptation of one of the most popular traditional mehndi from the East. It is a classic that simply does not fail, with marked and straight lines but that vary in different geometric shapes, making it a very interesting Mehndi to look at.

1- Tree-shaped hand mehndi

Tree-shaped hand mehndi

This Mehndi is perfect if you are looking for something more abstract but done with straight lines. It is the design of a tree, which symbolizes nature, life, and growth. The fact that it is in the palm of your hand, gives the message that you have all the good things of nature and life at your fingertips, which is a wonderful way of seeing life, and it can brighten your day just by looking at it.

To remove a Henna tattoo from your skin, you just have to follow these instructions:

  • Soak the tattooed area in warm or hot water so your pores can open up and the ink is easier to remove.
  • Now you must rub the place with a damp cloth to remove the remains of the ink. For this, you must be very careful since very strong friction on your skin can irritate.
  • Use makeup-cleansing creams if you haven’t managed to completely remove your tattoo, and then apply a moisturizing lotion to keep your skin moist.

To protect your tattoo you can follow these recommendations:

  • Once the design is ready, it will be important to cover it with tissue paper, also known as absorbent paper, to try to prevent the ink from running and to keep it away from contact with other surfaces.
  • Also, wrap with plastic on all sides, so you will get the ink to penetrate your pores and make it more difficult for it to fall off.
  • Once 24 or 48 hours have elapsed, you can uncover it to see how your design has turned out.
  • Try not to get the area too wet and not rub it when you shower.