Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Front & Back Hand

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Pakistani Mehndi design is evolving with time, right? It is an important part of the custom of Pakistan. On many occasions like weddings, functions, celebrations, and festivals like Eid, the women and girls decorate their hands with the mehndi designs done by henna powder.

Still, they prepare the henna powder at their homes for mehndi. They prepare it in this way that mehndi will give a dark color and long-lasting result. When the fragrance of henna powder spreads in the home, the vibes of love and happiness flourish.

From simple to intricate mehndi designs are popular among women. They are becoming experimental with traditional motifs, geometrical patterns, and floral patterns.

1. Pakistani Tikki Mehndi Design

Looking for a simple Mehndi design that can hook anyone? If yes, you should try the gol tikki design. This is one of the best designs who love to adore their palms with a simple design. In this design, the circular shape of the design is applied to the palms.  You can design floral motifs, paisleys, and other traditional marwari mehndi design in the gol tikki design. Besides designing it on the palms, you can try this tikki design on the soles of your feet.

So, hook everyone in the function with a pretty cool simple gol tikki design.

2. Front Hand Mehndi Design

You can try many types of front-hand mehndi designs. Check out some beautiful Mehndi designs listed below:

● Fuller Net Front Hand Mehndi Design

What a beautiful look you will get with a full net front-hand design! This is one of the most popular designs in Pakistan right now. The beauty of this fine art starts from the fingers, then, it goes down and reaches the palm. On the palms of their hands, it becomes bolder.

● Mandala Mehndi Design

What a stylish look you will get with this delightful mandala front-hand mehndi design! This design is inspired by Mughal architecture and included in the most demanding designs these days. Whether you are looking for a fabulous mehndi design for Eid function or any other celebration, this design will always make you the most adorable everywhere.

● Upper-hand Mehndi design

Do you want any simple Mehndi design for your tomorrow function? If yes, the upper-hand mehndi design is the most unique and simplest design that you should try tonight. Though this design is only limited to the upper hand part, it will certainly enhance your beauty in the function. With upper hand mehndi designs, you may also like one side mehndi designs as well. Have a look on one side mehndi design.

3. Mehndi Designs for Eid

Are you looking for a stunning Mehndi design for the upcoming Eid function? You can try a traditional peacock design. Still today, peacock feather mehndi designs can astonish anyone.

But if you want to try something new for your Eid function mehndi design, you can design a pattern of flowers, leaves, vines, and dots. This will impress anyone. Furthermore, the intricate pattern of the  lotus belts, and elephant belts is a great choice if you want a regal look on your hands.

4. Modern Full Hand Mehndi Design

Looking for an eye-captivating simple yet modern mehndi design? If yes, we’ve got you here. You can try this trendy henna design on your hand. In this design, the floral motifs have been designed very clearly in the background of the hand whereas the other part of the hand is left blank.

Besides this, if your purpose is to go to wedding functions, you should try this elaborate and intricate henna design on your hands. You can try the floral motifs plus leaf motifs along with an assortment of designs. This is one of the most trending and bewitching designs that you should try to get the loveliest look.

5. Simple Pakistani Mehndi Design

What about the simple bracelet Mehndi design? Isn’t it graceful? Simple and easy arabic mehndi designs are not offbeat. They are still ruling in the hearts of women. The best thing is that you can get an elegant look design within a short span of time. In this way, you will not only save your time and energy but also look elegant wherever you go with a simple dark-red colored mehndi design.

6. Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Designs

Are you a would-be bride? Then, you have planned everything from the parlour to the expensive lehenga. You want everything best and perfect without any flaws. Likewise, you also want a lovely bridal mehndi on your hands and feet. You will dream of a lovely, rich, dark color, and long-lasting henna design, won’t you?

So, you should try the rose floral patterns in your bridal arabic mehndi design or Pakistani Arabic mehndi design. But if you try the outlined pattern of the rose floral motifs along with the elephant motifs and peacock motifs, you will get an unforgettable beautiful look for your wedding day.

7. Back Hand Mehndi Design

Check out the following backhand mehndi designs:

● Mandala back hand mehndi design

Have you ever thought of a mandala design on the back of your hand with an outstanding intricate design on the fingers? If not, you should try this minimalistic design at the back of your hand to captivate a bewitching look.

● Curvy dome back hand mehndi design

In this year’s Eid celebration, you should try this marvelous curvy dome design on the back of your hand. The beautifully shaped curvy domes along with white and black checkers will offer you an appealing look. You should try one if you want to stand out among other beautiful ladies.

8. Beautiful Pakistan Mehndi Design

What do you think about the complicated and intricate pattern in your mehndi design? Though such ravishing designs are very time-consuming, you will get a beautiful look on your palms adorned with dark red henna color. But when you’re designing such a complicated pattern, you should keep in mind that these patterns should not be overcrowded. There should be sufficient space among the lines.

End Note

So far, this article has explained to you the popular Pakistan mehndi designs for various purposes. The ideas that you have explored regarding the best mehndi designs for various occasions will serve you the best when you design an elegant mehndi design and get the prettiest look.