Top 10 Pen Brands In India – Expensive & Best Fountain Pens

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10 Best Pen Brands in India

Whether you are a student or professional, neat and clean handwriting is the goal of everyone. To achieve this goal, we often search for the best pens with a nice writing grip and flow to write. Many companies manufacture stylish, sleek, elegant, and designer pens in India. But some of these are the best and the most reliable in improving handwriting. If you choose the pens of the best brands, you will find that you can write more smoothly and the words that you have written are better and clearer than before. In addition to it, a good-quality pen elevates your life standard before others. With this, you would also like to know about the best pencil brands in India. Also, go through the article on pencil brands as well. In this article, we have suggested the names of the 10 best pen brands in India to help you in finding the best one for you as per your need.

1. Reynolds

Reynolds pens

Reynolds is one of the most popular pens brands in India. It is the subsidiary of Newell Brands that manufactures premium quality products across the world. Reynolds started its journey in the year 1945 and since then, it has gained huge popularity due to an extensive range of products and premium technology. Its advanced fluid ink technology makes its products highly durable and its waterproof technology keeps your written words safe and secure for years. You will get a good Reynolds pen at an affordable price for an uninterrupted writing experience.

2. Cello

Cello Pens

Established in the year 1995, Cello is a highly preferred stationery brand in India. You can measure its popularity through the data that its manufactured 5 M pens are sold per day and it has expanded its business to more than 80 countries. In this way, it has earned global recognition. If you want to unleash the power of your writing skills, you should have a nice pen in your hand. Cello is the best pen brand for making your writing skills stronger. This will help you in leading a stress-free life.

3. Parker

Parker Pens

Parker pens have an old legacy of manufacturing innovative and designer pens. These are exquisitely beautiful and therefore, known for crafting nice handwriting. If you dream of ideal handwriting, then, you should explore an ideal pen from a wide collection of Parker pens. You will find that you can write more smoothly with its best grip and flow. Hence, choose the Parker pans as these are meticulously designed for enhancing your life.

4. Waterman

Waterman Pens

Waterman pens follow the Parisian style. It launched its first pen in the year 1883. The company was founded by the inventor of three fissure feed systems, Lewis Edson Waterman. Since then, it is known for style, grace, and elegance worldwide. The pens that are manufactured by the company denote luxury as these are designed uniquely by using precious metals like gold. In addition to it, the use of modern technology has made this brand exclusively extraordinary.

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LINC is one of the best and oldest leading manufacturers of pens in India. The company has an extensive network in several countries including the USA, the UK, Africa, Russia, South Africa, and South East Asia. LINC is known for manufacturing high-end quality pens for students so that they will be able to give a high-end performance. You can choose its sleek gel-designed pens for getting smooth handwriting.

6. Luxor

Luxor Pens

Luxor, a leading Indian exporter, and manufacturer of stationery earned global recognition in the year 1980. It exports writing instruments to 85+ countries worldwide including the USA, Europe, Russia, the UK, Europe, Australia, UAE, and more. This company has been conferred with the award of the ‘Best Exporter Award’ for 12 consecutive years. This time you can call this company one of the largest companies in South Asia. Its writing instruments come with a warranty but a warranty is not available on every product.

7. Hayman

Hayman Pens

Hayman Pens’ journey started in the year 1997. Now, this brand has got huge recognition. You can gift Hayman 24 CT Gold Plated Roller Ball Pen to your loved ones. The best thing is that this expensive pen’s ink can be refilled again by replacing the cartridge. Slim, sleek, and gold-plated pens are demanded by those customers who want to live a luxurious life. Its packaging is highly reliable.

8. Uniball

Uniball Pens

Uniball is a notable brand of Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Ltd that has been manufacturing writing instruments with recycled materials for the year 1992.  If you are an environmentalist and want to get superior writing experience, then, you should choose the incredible pens of the Uniball brand. Its uni super ink technology is highly advanced as the ink doesn’t wash away from the paper. Moreover, a tungsten carbide ball on the tip is efficient to get neat and clean handwriting. The best part is that you will get a Uniball pen based on Japanese technology at an affordable price range.

9. Pilot

Pilot Pens

The world’s second-largest manufacturer of writing instruments has a great market share in the Indian market.  The company uses 3-dimple technology to help you write neatly and clearly. Moreover, its ATT system ensures that you will get a good flow while writing. You should prefer the Pilot pen if you are going to write for your school exams and competitive exams, you will certainly get extra marks for your nice handwriting. In addition to it, if you are going to attend an interview, this pen will impress your boss when you write anything there. Hence, the Pilot pen will be the best choice for you at affordable prices.

10. Flair


The brand Flair was first introduced in India in the year 1976 with a wide variety of superior quality metal pens. These pens were designed under the guidance of Mr. Khubilal Jugraj Rathod. Now, it has become India’s leading pen exporter and manufacturer. Its advanced technology of fluid ink system enhances the capacity of the pen. Subsequently, you will get a good speed in writing. Its iridium nibs ensure the durability and longevity of your pen. The company has been conferred with the award of Asia’s most promising brands by Ibrands 360.