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Top 10 Half-Hand Mehndi Designs

Each one of us is different. We like to live our lives as per our standards. And when you are going to prepare for your life’s biggest event i.e. wedding ceremony, you don’t want to compromise on anything. You would like to choose everything best for you to make each event like the Mehndi ceremony, Haldi ceremony, wedding ceremony, etc. memorable for you and your family.

Therefore, we have brought the top 10 half mehndi designs that will make you more gorgeous on the day of your wedding ceremony when you wear a designer red-colored lehenga and beautiful wedding bridal hairstyle. If you are one of those pretty brides who want to try minimal mehndi designs on your hands, then, these top 10 half-hand mehndi designs are just for you. If you are a bridesmaid or sister of the groom, then, you can also try one of these half mehndi designs and spread the colors of your charms to the wedding party.

Let’s look at the top 10 half-hand mehndi designs that are given below:

1. Classy mandala half-hand mehndi design

Mandala Mehndi Design

Try this mehndi design on your palms if you are fond of the minimal half-hand mehndi design. The best thing about this mehndi design is that is a treat for the eyes because of its classy look. Mandala designs are usually liked by the brides for their mehndi ceremony. It is a traditional design but we have brought for you something different so that you will get a mandala design as per your choice.

2. Elegant motifs back hand mehndi design

Motif Mehndi Design

Wow! What a graceful look you are going to have on your wedding day. Ask your wedding designer to design these motifs on your backhand. This will not only as per your choice of minimal design but also be unique and offbeat that will catch the attention of every guest who is going to attend your wedding party to bless you for your happy married life. Hence, save this design in the gallery of your smartphone.

3. Pretty Arabic half-hand mehndi design

Arabic Mehndi

Since we have brought the latest 10 half-hand mehndi designs, you will find each design unique. Look at the image of the Arabic half mehndi design, you will lose your heart at its simplicity and uniqueness. Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, or sister of the groom, you can choose this half-hand mehndi design and look prettier than before. This Arabic mehndi design can be etched on the palms on any festive occasion very easily.

4. Gorgeous jewelry-shaped half-hand mehndi design

JewellerY Half Hand Mehndi Design

If you are finding anything trending among the brides for their mehndi designs, then, we will recommend you to choose this one for your backhand. The jewelry-shaped mehndi design on your backhand will give you a gorgeous look on your wedding day. If you are a bridesmaid, you should try this to look elegant as your red henna backhands will give a sweet treat to the eyes of everyone. If you have not booked any mehndi designer till now, then, book now and ask her to design this beautiful half-hand mehndi design on your backhand.

5. Stunning floral motifs half back hand mehndi design

Floral Mehndi Design

This Arabic design will make you flaunt in your mehndi ceremony and make you look more stunning because the large-sized floral motifs will be designed. These floral motifs with leaves have been designed with full consistency and their consistency makes this backhand mehndi design super attractive Choose this simple and stunning half-hand mehndi design on any occasion.

6. Superb lattice work with beautiful motifs in this half-hand mehndi design

Mehndi Design

Look at this superb lattice work with beautiful motifs in the image given below! Don’t think too much. Choose it for your mehndi ceremony as this flawless lattice work is going to make your day. The beauty of this mehndi design is that the latticework has been neatly carved by the mehndi design and therefore, a perfect look is coming out. Moreover, the floral motifs are enhancing its appearance.

7. Bang on to these elephant motifs in this half-hand mehndi design

elephant motifs mehndi

The use of elephant motifs is rarely seen in modern mehndi designs but some modern patterns are designed with traditional elephant motifs artistically. Hence, take a screenshot of this mehndi design otherwise you lose the chance of decorating your hands with elephant motifs.  The smile that will come on your face after telling your mehndi design to design is priceless.

8. Exceptional half-hand portrait mehndi design with tons of swirls

Half Hand Mehndi Design

What an alluring and exceptional half-hand mehndi design it is! The portraits of the groom and bride are a trend in full-hand as well as half-hand mehndi design. You can also choose this unique mehndi design as there are tons of swirls in it so that your mehndi will get complete exposure during the photoshoot of the hands.

9. Fabulous use of lotus motifs in this half-hand mehndi design

Lotus Mehndi Design

Lotus motifs are fabulously designed in this half-hand mehndi design by the mehndi designer. You can choose this beautiful lotus mehndi design if you are a bridesmaid or sister of the groom. The best part of this mehndi design is that these lotus motifs have been carved in a way that they will be noticed by everyone very easily. Get an appealing look with this fabulous henna design.

10. Decorative tiny motifs in this half-hand mehndi design

Tiny motif mehndi design

Let your mehndi designer carve these tiny motifs on your palms. You will find this half-mehndi design phenomenal on the occasion of your mehndi ceremony. Get the WOW of your relatives, friends, and life partner for choosing this best mehndi pattern for the occasion of your wedding.

Final Words

We hope that the half-hand henna designs that we have chosen for you have satisfied you. You have got the best henna design for your wedding day. It is said that the darker the color of your mehndi, the more love you will get from your husband and moth-in-law. Best of luck on this special and beautiful occasion.