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Top 10 Umbrella Brands in India

Umbrellas can never be outdated.  There’s no substitute for an umbrella that can replace this essential good. An umbrella shields us when the wind is blowing heavily or when the rain is falling heavily, or when the temperature is at its peak. At that time, you need a good quality umbrella that is durable and portable. Many companies in India are selling umbrellas of different sizes, colors, and characteristics. But if you are hunting for the best brands, you have landed in the right place. We have curated a list for you in which we included a list of those promising brands that are offering the best umbrellas to their customers. You would also like to know the latest and best cap brands in India and winter cap brands in India for men and women.

1. Destinio

Destinio Umbrella

Destinio is a Bangalore-based company that is manufacturing the best-quality travel accessories for customers. Its manufactured products are durable and lightweight. You can easily carry them to travel.  You will get a wide range of umbrellas for various purposes. The company manufactures windproof auto open-shut umbrellas. These umbrellas can resist strong winds with ten fiberglass ribs.

2. Rexera

Rexera Umbrella

Rexera is another best brand for umbrellas if you are looking for the best features. The company was established in 2013 and has been manufacturing durable and windproof umbrellas for its customers. The best feature is its non-slip rubberized handle to hold it strongly. If you want a strong and branded umbrella to overcome stormy winds, you should choose the Rexera umbrella. Its wrist strap is used to hang them up in strong winds. In this way, you will have extra protection.

3. FabSeasons

FabSeasons Umbrella

If you are looking for the best and most trendy umbrella brand that can offer you the umbrella in nice colors and designs, you should buy FabSeasons umbrellas. Its three-fold umbrellas are easy to carry if you are traveling. Its strong aluminum frame is with solid ribs. These umbrellas can be used in both the weather including summer and rainy seasons. The best part is that you will get these umbrellas at affordable prices.

4. K.C. Paul & Sons

KC Paul & Sons Umbrella

K.C. Paul & Sons company was founded in the year 1942. If you choose this brand, you can get a wide range of umbrellas including one-fold to five-fold. The company produces 100% nylon fabric umbrellas with premium quality PVC handles. Its unique characteristic is that you will get those umbrellas that can block the ultraviolet sun rays. In this way, you will get complete protection from the sun’s rays. Hence, you should buy umbrellas from K.C. Paul & Sons as this brand is providing you the umbrellas with cutting-edge features at competitive prices.

5. Sun Umbrella

Sun Umbrella

Are you fond of carrying reverse-folding umbrellas? Then, you should have Sun umbrellas. These umbrellas are manufactured with the highest quality materials and fitted with precisely molded grips. Moreover, its ultraviolet-protected fabric is designed to offer safety from the sun’s rays and protect your skin from sunburn. If you choose the Sun umbrella brand to protect yourself from extreme sunny or rainy weather, you will get a wide variety of large and durable canopies that are manufactured from fiber-reinforced plastic ribs and shafts materials.

6. Popy

Popy Umbrella

The company Popy is enlisted with those companies that have received several awards and honors since its foundation. Over the past 19 years, this company has been offering customers superior quality distinctive, and innovatively designed 150 several umbrella types. Its unique feature includes ultraviolet silver coating and uni-chrome gold plating. In this way, these umbrellas resist corrosion and offer you a durable brand that will shield you against extreme rainy weather. Its water-repellent technology is advanced to make it one of the leading companies that are manufacturing travel accessories at affordable prices.

7. Star Work

Star Work Umbrella

Star Work is another best-selling brand of the online shopping store Amazon. The company has got a competitive edge in this competitive market by offering customers superior quality products. Its notable features include water-repellent technology and high-density UV fabric. Moreover, fiberglass frames are used in these umbrellas in place of heavy materials. Consequently, these compact-sized umbrellas are light in weight, hard to bend, and rust-proof. Hence, find out the best Star Work umbrella of your favorite color and design on Amazon and protect yourself from extremely hot, cold, or rainy weather.

8. KK

KK Umbrella

The company KK was established in the year 1979. Over the past 40 years, the company has brought revolutionary changes in the travel accessories market by providing customers with trustworthy products including a wide range of rainwear and umbrellas. The foldable umbrellas have been manufactured with UV-protection fabric to offer you complete protection in hot, rainy, and stormy weather. With the help of its 8-ribs structure and a plastic grip, you will be able to hold it firmly in the strong winds. Moreover, its PVC coating acts as a protective barrier from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Hence, you should buy these umbrellas at affordable prices.

9. Anycho

Anycho Umbrellas

Anywho is included in the list of those well-known brands that manufacture umbrellas, raincoats, and other types of travel accessories. If you want the superior type of umbrellas, you should buy the umbrellas from the Anycho brand as these umbrellas can withstand any type of bad weather. This brand provides you with full-coverage umbrellas. These canopies are ideally used for sports, business, and traveling purposes. The best thing is that you will get a warranty on umbrellas. Hence, you should buy umbrellas from the Anycho brand and get extra-large coverage on extremely challenging days.

10. The Clownfish

The Clownfish Umbrella

The Clownfish company name is included in the list of those leading Indian companies that offer superior quality travel accessories. The full-sized travel umbrellas can be folded into compact sizes. You just need to push the handle button to open it. The sturdy metal frames that are used in these umbrellas make them the most enduring in all types of weather. You should prefer the Clownfish umbrellas for getting the best protection. In addition to it, you can buy an umbrella of your choice at affordable prices.

Hope you have liked this article as it includes the characteristics of the umbrellas of the best leading Indian umbrella brands. Also, know about the best leather shoe brands in India for party wear – designer and expensive.