Wedding Bridal Hairstyle – Traditional Indian Front Bridal Hairstyle

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Bridal Hairstyles for Weddings

The wedding ceremony is known as an unforgettable occasion for a bride. Therefore, she looks very conscious to celebrate this big day of her life. She chooses one designer lehenga over hundreds of designer lehengas. Also, she chooses the best bridal mehndi designs for her wedding day. She books the best parlor to get ready for her wedding. When it comes to choosing the bridal hairstyle, she looks highly concerned because her whole appearance gets changed due to the hairstyle.

It is essential that the volume of hair and hairstyle would be according to the face. If your face is oval-shaped, you will choose a different bridal hairstyle. If your face is heart-shaped, your bridal hairstylist will suggest you choose a different one. If you have a round-shaped face, your bridal hairstyle options will also be different.

In this way, a perfect and elegant look will come when you will wear your designer wedding lehenga. Take a look at the list of the best bridal hairstyles that we have curated for you.

1. Gorgeous bridal hairstyle

Gorgeous bridal hairstyle

Flowers symbolize love and beauty. When you will let your hairstylist decorate your hair with flowers, you will astonish everyone with your gorgeous look at the wedding. The more flowers you will have, the more gorgeous you will look. Hence, choose this bridal hairstyle and look like the fairy of your prince’s dreams.

2. Elegant open bridal hairstyle

Elegant open bridal hairstyle

If you are not fond of bun bridal hairstyles, you can choose this elegant open bridal hairstyle for your wedding day. The distinctive feature of this hairstyle is that you don’t need to wear heavy hair accessories with this hairstyle. And you will be able to keep your hair natural. Don’t worry if you choose this, you will look exceptionally beautiful when you will step into the wedding venue.

3. Splendid rose bun bridal hairstyle

Splendid rose bun bridal hairstyle

You should choose this bridal hairstyle for your wedding day. When the rose flowers will adorn your simple bun, you will get a perfectly beautiful look for your wedding day. Red flowers will enhance your beauty and you will steal the heart of your life partner.

4. Stunning bridal hairstyle with heavy hair accessories

Stunning bridal hairstyle

You will be able to flaunt your heavy hair accessories to capture the attention of everyone on your wedding day. We hope that you have liked this bridal hairstyle and that your search for the best one ends here. How lovely you will look on your wedding day with these heavy hair accessories that will highlight your simple hair bun.

5. Fabulous bridal braid hairstyle

Fabulous bridal hairstyle

Get a glamorous look on your wedding day by choosing this bridal hairstyle. A voluminous braid will be the right choice that any bride can choose to get a fabulous look. Hence, don’t think so much and choose this voluminous braid hair style to gather the attention of everyone Moreover, the flowers that will be used with this hairstyle will highlight the beauty of your look.

6. Cute bridal hairstyle

Cute bridal hairstyle

If you have not still chosen any bridal hairstyle, we will recommend you choose this cute bun. Imagine when you will wear this hairstyle with your red colored lehenga, how elegant you will look. Certainly, your would-be life partner will lose in dreams with you when he will see you at the wedding.

7. Traditional bridal hairstyle

Traditional bridal hairstyles

If you want to get a fancy bridal look and planning to wear a silk saree on your wedding day, we will recommend you to choose this classy bridal hairstyle. A simple braid with the use of net-like flowers will give you a glamorous look. Hence, take a screenshot of this beautiful long braid hairstyle and get the look of a perfect Indian bride.

8. Glamorous bridal hairstyle

Glamorous bridal hairstyle

You are going to wear a designer lehenga on your wedding day. Why don’t you choose this glamorous hair bun to look more gorgeous? Hence, become the unforgettable beauty of your partner’s dreams with this super bridal bun. When this bun will be accessorized with cute bridal hair accessories, you will get a fancy bridal look.

9. Alluring one-sided bridal hairstyle

one-sided bridal hairstyle

Choose a different and alluring look with your wedding gown/lehenga. If you choose this one-sided braid, you will give yourself a different look. Be ready to look more attractive and fabulous. Win the heart of everyone. Take its screenshot and keep this iconic hairstyle’s image safe in your phone’s gallery to give it to your hairstylist when he/she will prepare your hair for the biggest occasion of your life i.e. wedding.

10. Graceful bridal bun hairstyle

Graceful bridal bun hairstyle

If you have still not decided between what to choose and what not to choose, we will recommend you to choose this graceful bridal bun hairstyle for your wedding day. If you are a hairstylist, you should also choose this for your would-be bride clients to magnify their beauty. Therefore, don’t miss this image and keep it safe with you until you get it done on your hair.

Some Tips When You Choose Bridal Hairstyle

  1. At least two months before, you should book a parlor for your wedding.
  2. Research very well which hairstyle will perfectly match your facial shape and wedding lehenga.
  3. You should get your hair trimmed at least one month ago. If you want to get your curly or straight, do the same also one month ago. In this way, you will get a natural look on your wedding day.
  4. Make sure that the volume of hair is good. A good volume of hair is used to highlight the hairstyle. If you don’t have a good volume on your hair, you should treat them with natural products. Increase the intake of protein in your diet to make your hair look healthy and strong.
  5. Instead of using hair shampoo, use a hair mask to keep your hair shiny.
  6. Be careful when you are choosing a hairstylist. Ask him/her to show you the photos of previous clients on whose hair he/she has worked before. Choose only that hairstylist who can satisfy you with his/her work. Your whole bridal appearance depends on your bridal hairstyle.