Apostille Services: Know their importance in India

Apostille Services

Many people choose to move to other countries in search of better opportunities. People move to other countries in search of better employment, education or business opportunities. MEA Apostille certification is required to travel to certain countries that have joined The Hague Convention Apostille section. The visiting country will accept the certificate as genuine and legal after it has been Apostille certified.

How to obtain Apostille in India?

Globalization has made the world a global community. Anyone can go anywhere they want. Some countries require attestation for visitors to enter the country. Others use an Apostille. A process of certification, an attestation involves the verification of all personal and professional documents by authorities from both the home country and the country where the traveler is traveling. This procedure can only be completed correctly if you have both the MOFA and Embassy attestation of your destination country. This procedure allows a valid certificate to be used in the destination country.

Apostille Services Surat

Apostille Attestation in India

To ease the process, some countries have joined the Hague Convention which allows a certificate to be legalized by an Embassy only after it has been stamped with Apostille.

Apostille Attestation process to verify, authenticate, and legalize the certificates by the Government Departments of the home country of the certificate. Ministry of External Affairs is the Indian central government department that provides the Apostille stamp. Apostille is a stamp that verifies the authenticity of a document and gives it legal status in any country who has signed the Hague Convention. Over many countries are currently members of the Apostille Convention and accept the Apostille Stamp.

India is a member of the Apostille Convention. Apostille stamps from member countries of the convention are only accepted in the other country. After an Apostille, the certificate does not require an Embassy attestation. Apostille stamps are used to prove the authenticity of certificates around the world. The Apostille is a computer-generated square stamp which is applied by the MEA to the reverse of the certificate or document.

Apostille is a long and complicated procedure. You have to visit several offices in order to obtain an Apostille. Apostille Services are crucial in this process. The MEA Department in India is certified to provide Apostille Services. They can easily obtain an Apostille on your behalf.

MEA does not accept direct requests for Apostille or certification. No one can contact this department directly. MEA is the only authority that can provide Apostille services in India.

Apostille Services

Apostille Services in India

There are many Apostille Service agencies in India that offer their services to the public for getting Apostille from any certificate in India. There are teams of experts and agents who can help you get Apostille on your professional and personal certificates. They will guide you on the Apostille requirements and how to complete it efficiently. These Apostille agents are located all over India.

Generally there are three types of certificates and documents that needs Apostille Attestation – Educational, Non-educational and commercial.

  • Educational Certificates such as Degree certificates, diploma certificates, HSC certificates, SSC certificates, mark sheets, etc.
  • Personal Certificates like Birth certificates, Death certificates, Marriage certificates, Medical, PCC, etc.
  • Commercial documents such as Power of Attorneys, bank statements, company invoices, product lists, etc.

Apostille attestation depends on the type of document you are requesting and your purpose for traveling to a Hague-member country. You will need an Apostille for your Degree Certificate if you’re going to do business or apply for a job. Students who are going abroad to study also need the Apostille attestation of their Degree certificate to be admitted to a college or school.

If you travel to another country for personal reasons from India, you will need an Apostille birth certificate to make it legal in that country. Apostille is required for the Visa Documentation Procedure. This includes certificates issued by MEA, State Governments, SDMs (Personal Certificates), HRDs (Academic certificates) and Notaries. The Apostille stamp is the final stamp issued by the MEA to legalize certificates for use in countries that are members of the Hague Convention.

The procedure to follow depends on the type of certificate

Apostille Procedures-

  • Academic Certificates Notarization.
  • Human Resource Development Department Authentication and Issuing State
  • Legalization of MEA Apostille in India
  • Personal Certificates Notarization
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate, Home Department Authentication and Issuing State
  • Legalization of MEA Apostille in India
  • Documents Commercials
  • Respective Chamber of Commerce Authentication
  • Legalization of MEA Apostille in India

Choose a reliable and MEA-certified service agency if you need Apostille Services Surat, Apostille Services Hyderabad, Apostille Services Mumbai, Apostille Services Delhi. They will have complete information on the Apostille system in any country, as well as visas, translation services, and attestation. The agency must be able to provide the Apostille service for any Hague-member country in a timely manner and at an affordable price.

A service provider of Apostille must be familiar with the entire process. For example, for Apostille Services in Mumbai, the agency must understand that the MEA only provides MEA Apostille Stamp after verification by the Maharashtra State Department to prove a Mumbai-originating certificate is legal and true. Apostille Attestation simplifies legalizing certificates. Apostille Services make it easy for you to do it without having to run between offices.


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