Best Ice Cream Brands In India

Ice cream Brands

10 Best Ice Cream Brands in India

Have you not got a wide smile reading the name of the ice cream? Ice cream is not only a dessert but also a home of many sweet memories that we have spent with our family and friends. When it comes time to celebrate any occasion or triumph, we usually choose to throw an ice cream party for our loved ones. No matter what season is going on, you will get ice cream lovers even in the winter season when the cold winds are blowing. Hence, we have curated a list of the top 10 ice cream brands that are highly popular in India due to offering distinctive flavors and tastes to ice cream lovers.

1. Amul


When we talk about the best ice cream brands in India, we place the name Amul in this category first. Amul is a manufacturer of many dairy products across the country. Its superior quality is making this brand a preferred brand in India. You will get a wide assortment of distinctive ice cream flavors and tastes. Amul started its first ice cream manufacturing unit on March 10, 1996, in Gujarat. Since then, it has never looked back. The tagline of the brand – the Taste of India signifies the importance of this brand in the hearts of its lovers. Dry fruits are also an important part of ice creams as people love them. You would also like to know the best dry fruit brands in India.

2. Vadilal


Do you know 8 lakhs + ice cream cups and 6 lakhs + cones are made by Vadilal every day? Vadilal is a leading manufacturer of ice cream and frozen desserts. The best thing is that the ice cream goes through 50 quality checks before offering it to consumers. Vadilal never compromises on quality. Therefore, it has been voted as India’s most trusted brand in the ice cream category by the Trust Research Advisory Board. You should choose Vadilal ice cream for getting delightful and sweet experience.

3. Kwality Walls

Kwality Walls

Another iconic manufacturer of premium quality ice cream is Kwality Walls. This is the brand of the global FMCG company Hindustan Unilever Ltd. The recipes of Kwality Walls ice creams are unique and innovative. Therefore, they captivate the hearts of lovers when they taste them. The company knows the value of nutrition for kids. Therefore, it makes special ice creams for kids that have yummy flavors and textures. These are available in exciting colors and shapes for kids. Hence, you can say that Kwality Walls is an ideal ice cream brand. Chocolates are also a part of ice creams always, know about the chocolate brands in India.

4. Mother Dairy


Mother DairyMother Dairy is another leading brand of dairy products that has been serving its consumers since 1974. Its dairy products are considered of the best quality. Therefore, its ice creams are also loved by the Mother Dairy brand’s lovers. A wide range of ice cream is available to make the mood of the consumers. You will find delicious taste and flavor in each bite that you have never enjoyed before.

5. Cream Bell

Cream Bell

Though Cream Bell is a new brand in the ice cream industry, it has reached the maximum consumers by offering them a superior quality and premium taste. It is available in 136 varieties. In this way, it caters to the needs of every kind of consumer across the country. You can taste its newly launched ice cream products such as Cream Bell Cotton Candy, Cream Bell Butterscotch Candy, Cream Bell Choco Vanilla Duo, Cream Bell Triple Treat, etc., and enjoy.

6. Cream and Fudge

cream and fudge

With more than 12 years of experience, this brand has been ruling across the country. There are more than 50 stores that have been offering the utmost satisfaction and love to their consumers. Moreover, this brand ensures that its consumers will get what they want to taste. Therefore, it offers them the facility of customization. Consumers can customize their ice creams by adding nuts, fruits, cookies, and fudge. You can fold your ice cream onto a marble frozen slab to get a pleasant experience.

7. Havmor


Do you want to add more happiness to your sweetest celebrations? If yes, then, you should choose the ice creams from the Havmor brand. This brand started its journey in Karachi, Pakistan. Now, it has completed more than 70 years of manufacturing ice creams of the best quality. You should place an order of Havmor ice creams to enjoy the exotic flavors that can offer you the utmost joy on every occasion. Hence, make your celebrations happier than before with a cup of Havmor ice cream.

8. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is an American multinational chain of ice creams and cakes. It has got huge worldwide recognition. It is famous for its superior 31 ice cream flavors. In this way, it is targeting new consumers and getting a higher brand value across the country. You will also become a huge fan of the Baskin Robbins brand ice cream by enjoying its smooth and silky texture. Why are you waiting? Throw an ice cream party for your friends and enjoy the sweetness of life in every bite.

9. Dinshaw’s


In the year 1932, Dinshaw and Erachshaw Rana manufactured an iconic brand named Dinshaw’s. In the earlier days, it was only a small firm, distributing ice creams to only local consumers. But as time sped by, its popularity among consumers also rose. Now, it has been offering ice creams of innovative designs, colors, shapes, tastes, and flavors to consumers. In this way, it has been expanding its market size constantly. So, calm your hunger pangs with an ice cream cup or cone of your choice and live your life to the fullest.

10. Top N’ Town

Top N’ Town

Top N’ Town is a game-changer ice cream brand. Its exotic taste and flavor have brought wide smiles to the face of its lovers. Therefore, this brand has accomplished more than 40 years of manufacturing the best quality ice creams. The delightful taste that you will enjoy when you will taste this brand’s ice cream will completely change your taste of living life. Moreover, you will be able to create unforgettable and sweet memories with your family and friends. Hence, without any delay, explore the wide range of ice creams and get a pleasant taste.

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