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Best Suit Brands in India

How we dress up defines our personality. When we talk about men, suits define their masculine impressions and sturdy personality. But a variety of suits are available in various colors, fabrics, and designs in the market. Choosing the right suit is a tedious task but in this article, we have included a list of 10 best suit brands in India. These branded suits will outshine your personality at any function, occasion, or event. You will look more stylish and attractive wherever you go. You will feel proud on wearing a branded garment. Hence, continue reading the article before deciding which brand suit should be worn. With this, you should have details of the best shoe brands in India to suit your stylist men’s suiting and shirting experience.

1. Raymond

Raymond Suits

In 1925, a small woolen mill was established in Thane, Maharashtra. Since then, this garment is known for manufacturing premium quality fabrics. Fashion-conscious people admire the fashionable range of garments offered by the company. Whenever one thinks of Raymond’s company, one thinks of a complete man. Hence, you should explore Raymond’s suiting and shirting space to get premium quality and style that will make you a complete man. The company also needs male models for the new introduction of the brands. There is a list of hot male Indian models,

2. Blackberrys

Blackberrys Suits

The wedding collection of the Blackberrys is exclusive and has been designed with innovative ideas. You should explore its premium quality men’s wear range if you are getting ready for special moments. You will certainly get a major difference in your ordinary look. The ordinary personality will be transformed into an elegant one. The company is known for doing innovations in the fashion industry. It aims to fill the customers with confidence and inspire them to keep winning each phase of their lives. You should try Blackberrys suiting and shirting space to lead a better lifestyle.

3. Reid & Taylor

Reid & Taylor Suits

The dream of premium quality apparel is fulfilled by one of the best suitings and shirting brands Reid & Taylor. This brand was launched in the year 1998 with the vision of bringing formidable changes to the fashion industry. Under the supervision of reputed International textile designers, this brand has established a strong position in the fashion world globally. Hence, you should explore its wide range of trending and exquisite apparel for any occasion. You will be surprised to see its plethora of trending designer colors and patterns fit for formal and informal celebrations.

4. Peter England

Peter England Suits

At Peter England, you will get trendy shirts and suitings that will inspire you with a lasting impression. You should try its exclusive range of high-quality fabrics as the Peter England brand is a must-have brand in India. It will be found in everyone’s wardrobe.  Hence, you should also buy top-notch quality products from Peter England according to your style and taste. Its wide variety of suits is suitable for all occasions including corporate dinners, informal parties, weddings, etc.

5. Siyaram

Siyaram Suits

Siyaram also known as Silk Mills Ltd was established in the year 1978. By offering the best quality fabrics, this brand has won a competitive edge in this competitive market where every brand promises of offering uncompromising quality. In India, Siyaram is synonymous with high fashion. The blend of culture and modernity makes this brand unique in the fashion industry. Because of offering superior quality fabrics, this brand has become a first choice of everyone.



DIGJAM company was established in 1948 at Jamnagar, Gujarat. It is a renowned textile company that manufactures high-quality fabrics. With the help of its premium fashionable presence in the Indian market, the company is reputed for designing stylish suitings and shirtings. It caters to the needs of customers who demand an uncompromised quality of fabrics. Therefore, the company is in the 4th position in India with its 3000 outlets across the country. Buy the readymade high-quality fabrics that are designed by the fashion experts in DIGJAM.

7. Allen Solly

Allen Solly Suits

If you want smart casuals to wear, you should have faith in the superior quality of the Allen Solly brand. This brand was launched in 1993 by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle A Division of Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited. This brand is known as a pioneer brand in India. Therefore, it offers an iconic range of fashionable range of suitings and shirtings across the country.  There are 31000+ multi-brand outlets and 6800+ sales department stores of Allen Solly company. The premium stitching techniques and elegant designs will captivate your heart if you visit the outlets of Allen Solly.

8. ManQ

ManQ Suits

ManQ has earned the trust of customers within 25 years of a great experience in the clothing industry. This company chooses the finest-quality fabrics and gets them tailored to get the best design and fit. It never compromises with those fashion standards that have been set and relentlessly keeps itself motivated with the positive response of customers. Hence, you should shop from its stylish collection of blazers, waistcoats, trousers, and suits. In addition to it, you will get the products at affordable prices.

9. Hangup

Hangup Suits

If you are looking for timeless style and trends, you should trust the brand Hangup. It caters to the needs of customers by offering them superior-quality fabrics, designs, and patterns. The exclusive collection of menswear that embodies the handcrafted embroideries and fabrics is remarkable. The eternal fashion designs can be passed from one generation to the next generation. Its branches are spread in various regions of India and abroad. The exclusive brand outlets are rich in creating traditional designs with modernity and fashion. This brand is known as one of the best textile industries in India.

10. Park Avenue

Park Avenue Suits

The company Arrow New York was launched in 2011. This company caters to the needs of young professionals who are demanding stylish and formal wear. The wide range of products includes Autoflex trousers, Autopress shirts, smart shirts, 4-in-1 shirts, Anti-UV shirts, and Superluxe the stitchless shirt. Hence, you should choose stain-free, shrink-free, and wrinkle-free shirts. You can visit its outlets that are spread across the country. Moreover, you can shop online on the NNNOW app to do shopping from the comfort space of your home. Hence, choose it’s manufactured with the belief that you will get the best menswear products.

Suits are always worn at weddings or on any special occasion. Especially the groom always wears the best suits on its most important and special day. Also, you would like to know unique jaimala designs for weddings. Everyone wants things special on their wedding day.