Best CCTC Camera Brands In India

CCTV Camera

Newspapers are filled with incidents of crime, robbery, kidnapping, etc. Therefore, people have become more vigilant regarding their security concerns. Now, CCTV cameras have become an essential need for those who want safety and security in their home, office, building, etc. as these are like the watchmen who are guarding our valuables in our absence. But before buying CCTV cameras, we should be a little bit more careful regarding their technical specifications.  Many companies are manufacturing CCTV cameras across the country but a few of them are the best as they provide their customers with the best technical features. Hence, we have included a piece of information about the best CCTV brands in India to help you more in identifying which CCTV brand will be the best and also have information on air conditioners ac companies in India.

1. CP Plus


CP Plus company is included in the list of those top 4 companies which are known for manufacturing the best security appliances. It has been tested internationally on various levels and has achieved many international certifications such as UE, FCC, CL, etc. Due to its best quality, this company’s cameras are used in government buildings, defense areas, leading companies, educational institutions, etc. In India, the company’s market share is 24%.

2. Dahua

Dahua CCTV

The presence of Dahua technology is in around 180 countries. The market share of this company in India is 19%. Based on the high-tech technology and solutions, the company is enlisted in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Over 20000 employees are employed in the company. Of which 50% of employees are engaged in R&D. According to a third-market research company, Dahua has become the second largest supplier of video surveillance equipment in the world.

3. Hikvision

Hikvision CCTV

The company Hikvision was established in the year 2010. Now, it is listed on the SMEs Board on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It provides customers with intelligent video solutions operated by AI technology. There are 66 subsidiaries and branches of the company globally. These are accountable to respond to the customers’ and partners’ queries and needs quickly.  Due to superior quality CCTV cameras, the company has a wide network in more than 150 countries. Besides CCTV, you can explore robotics, smart homes, automotive electronics, X-ray detection, and medical imaging.

4. Zicom

Zicom CCTV

Zicom started its journey from the year 1994. Since 1994, the company has made a significant place in the Indian electronic security industry. Its wide network is present in around 1100 cities across the country. The company is known for adding value-added security services to more than millions of customers. Its market share in India is 7% and it ranks number 4 when discussing the best CCTV brands in India. It has achieved this rank due to the leadership quality it has organized in the security domain.

5. Videocon

Videocon CCTV

Since the year 1995, the company Videocon is known for manufacturing high-quality security services and products. Now, the VIDEOCON WALLCAM has become a prestigious name in the security industry. This comes with a feature called PENTA 5IN 1 DVR. You can run Analog, HD, and IP CCTV cameras by using this feature. In addition to it, these CCTV cameras are designed with high-quality image sensors and high-resolution lenses. With the help of these characteristics, its operation has been elevated.

6. Panasonic

Panasonic CCTV

The aim of the company Panasonic is to elevate the standards of consumers by giving them a better life so that they can make a better world around them. This company offers an easy-to-use surveillance system at affordable prices. Its security solution i-PRO-APAC is the smartest video solution that can be installed in logistics, educational, commercial, and transportation industries. No license is necessary for the Panasonic CCTV cameras.

7. D-Link

D-link CCTV

D-link is based on simplified plug-and-play technology. This company allows users to integrate audio and video detectors into cameras. There is no need for software and hardware cabling.  In addition to it, whenever any suspicious activity is detected, the alerts automatically raise. This CCTV camera caters to the needs of the hospitality sector, banking sector, residential buildings, and commercial buildings in a very well manner because the D-LINK CCTV camera is empowered by the software DCMS. With the help of the DCMS software, you can watch the video footage of the CCTV from anywhere and anytime.



The company VIVOTEK was established in the year 2000. Its comprehensive IP surveillance solution has made this company a leading company in the global market. It works on improving hardware and software R&D capabilities. In this way, the company’s main emphasis is on innovating and developing security systems for customers so that they will experience modern high-end technology of surveillance solutions. Soon, the efforts of the company of becoming the eye of IoT by investing in expansive technological capabilities.  This will help the company VIVOTEK in getting the aim of clearer images and audio than before.

9. Godrej

Godrej CCTV

If you have not decided still on which brand you should buy the CCTV camera, then, you can trust the quality and efficiency of the Godrej home cam. The best thing is that it is easy to install and operate. A 3.6 mm camera lens offers ultra-view to the customers so that they will enjoy more clarity and color in videos. The spotlight app makes users stream live footage of their desired place from anywhere and anytime. Its feature of night vision enables the users to view the footage even in low-lighting conditions as the brightness automatically gets changed.

10. Axis Communications

Axis Communications CCTV


The company Axis Communications was established in the year 1984 and its headquarters are established in Lund, Sweden. Around 4000 employees are employed in more than 50 countries across the world. The total market share of this company is around 2% in India. You can connect this camera to wifi and can see the live footage from anywhere and anytime. You can explore a wide range of CCTV cameras including dome cameras, box cameras, bullet cameras, modular cameras, panoramic cameras, PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, explosion-protected cameras, thermal cameras, positioning cameras, and specialty cameras.

Hope that you will get good help when you will buy a CCTV camera with this informative article and also have information on electrical switch brands in India.