Top Cycle Brand In India – Gear Cycle Brands


Again, cycling has gained a lot of popularity in India. There are a plethora of companies that manufacture cycles for cycling lovers. If you are also fond of cycling in your free time, then, the branded cycles will be your first choice to experience a hassle-free ride even on the rough tracks. You might also be interested in knowing the brands of bikes as well


Hero cycles

The Hero Cycle is the largest bicycle manufacturer in India. It is one of the trusted cycle brands that offer a wide range of premium quality cycles to customers. The brand has a recorded name in the Guinness Book of Records for serving customers with supreme quality cycles. In this way, this company is ranked among the world’s largest bicycle manufacturers as it exports its products to various countries like Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Now, the Hero company has launched e-cycles across the country. The distinctive feature of these e-cycles is that it is connected to the i-smart app. The riders can track the distance, speed, stats, etc. with the help of this app.


atlas cycles

Launched in the year 1965, the brand Atlas has been serving customers with supreme quality cycles at cost-effective prices. These cycles are highly preferred by teenagers. In 1978, the company launched its first India sports cycle. Those who are born in the 1970s and 1980s know the best riding experience of the Atlas cycles. Now, there have come a lot of companies in the market that are competing with Atlas by giving unique features to the riders but the brand Atlas has not lost its position in India. Still, Atlas is enjoying a leading position in India.


Avon Cycles

The company Avon Cycles Ltd. was established in 1948. This brand has emerged as one of the most trusted brands in India as well as in Asia. The company is known for offering 200 different models of cycles that speak about their stylish, luxurious, and other purposes. This cycle is high in demand because it is serving people of all age groups. This company was established to provide affordable means of transportation to the common man. Some of the popular cycle brands are FIRO IBC 26T, ROTO BIKE 20T, GLORY 24T, ORKID, etc. The different models of the cycle have one thing in common they are durable as well as sturdy.


Hercules Cycle

If you are thinking to buy a mountain bicycle or sports cycle, then, the first name that should trigger in your mind is Hercules cycles. In today’s time, their MTBs brand cycles are still the best-selling cycles in India. Ryder Contour’s twenty-one-speed bicycle is one of the most popular sports bicycles that has the unique features of V brakes and Shimano gears. The best part of this company’s cycles is that they are very safe to ride because of their robust feature. The different models for different age groups are available in physical stores as well as in online stores.

La SovereignLa Sovereign Cycle

If you are thinking to buy a cycle for your kids, then, you should choose the La Sovereign brand cycle for your kids due to its distinguished features that are attractive to riders over the last four decades. Its other popular cycle models include MTB bicycles and BMS bicycles. The Los Angeles  Sovereign town cycle models don’t rely on the V brake. Therefore, disc brakes are used instead of V brakes in these bicycles.

BSA Ladybirds

BSA Ladybirds cycles

If you are buying the cycle for any girl, then, there is no better brand than BSA Ladybirds in India. The cushioned saddles, soft-hand grips, and easy-glide hubs are the best features that distinguish it from the other bicycles. These are famous among the girls because they give the most comfortable and fun-riding experience to them. The company offers a wide range of fashionable cycle brands to the girls  Some of its new brands include Diana, Sofia, and Glitzy.


Firefox Cycles

The company Firefox was launched in the year 2005. Since then, the company is known for giving a revolutionizing experience to cycle lovers by bringing innovative products to the market. Each model of the Firefox cycle speaks of the high quality and enriches the customer’s riding experience. Its popular revolutionized range of cycles includes Velocity 700c, Meteor, Rapide, Road Runner Pro D, and Road Runner Pro D Plus. You can easily these cycles through its website.


Montra Cycles

Montra Cycles are one of the international brands that are manufactured in India. This company offers a wide range of cycles to its customers for making them enjoy the best riding experience every time. The most popular category of Montra cycles includes mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, urban sports bikes, kids’ bikes, and e-bikes. The top range of mountain bikes includes Montra Madrock, Montra Beat, and Montra Rock. Hence, if you want to challenge yourself with adventurous mountain cycling, then, you should choose one of the best models of Montra cycles.

Mach City

Mach City Cycle

The company Mach City has designed cycles for short-distance cycling in cities that are used to cover a distance of a few kilometers for various purposes. In this way, the company is working on saving the environment from global warming which has created a threat to the survival of human beings. Its popular cycle range includes the iBike single speed, iBike w single speed, iBike 7 speed, iBike 7 w speed, Munich single speed, and Munich 21 speed.

Road Master


Road Master cycles

If you are searching for a premium cycle brand, then, you can choose the option of the manufactured cycles of the company Road Master. These cycles are known for style, strength, and reliable brakes. Junior, MTB, and Road bikes are offered by the company Road Master. They are highly durable branded cycles at affordable prices. RM 142, RM 144, RT 03, T 004, and T 005 are its best junior cycle brands. Its popular mountain bikes include RM 1.2, RM 1.1, RM 1.3,  RM 2.0, RM 2.1, RM 100 MW, and RM 104.

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