Different Types Of Money Plant In India


There are various types of Money plants that can be grown both indoors and outdoors and bring this good luck charm into your home.

About Money Plant

The scientific name of the plant is Epipremnum aureum. It is believed to bring blessings, good luck, and money to households. You can grow this plant in water, soil, and even in jellies. Pothos dwells well under temperate regions. People also use this plant to keep a check on the air quality in their houses due to its pollution-controlling properties. Let’s have a look at some of the best types of Money plants in India. Also know about the details of the money plant, its scientific names, and how to grow money plants in bottles.

Money plant is accepted to bring endowments, best of luck, and finances to the families. You can develop this plant in both water and soil. It abides well under mild locales. Individuals likewise utilize this plant to keep a mind the air quality in their homes because of its contamination-controlling properties. We should view the absolute best Types of Money Plants in India.

Types of Money Plant

This popular house plant can grow in a wide range of climates. There are different types of money plants that you can find in India. The following section will discuss money plant varieties in the country. With this also know about the various style and types of balcony hanging pots for plants.

1. Golden Money Plant

Golden Money Plant

This plant additionally goes by the name of Golden Pothos or Devil’s Ivy. The splendid leaves are lovely and have brilliant yellow sprinkles. You can utilize them to make boundaries on walls. They likewise look astonishing in the draping pots of your nurseries and galleries. These plants are very solid and difficult to kill. They can develop well and remain green even without any light.

2. Split Leaf Money Plant

Split Leaf Money Plant

This is a huge leaf assortment of money plants. It is a dry spell open-minded, quickly developing houseplant that can endure even in low daylight. Its leaves are very huge in structure. You want to take care when it begins to develop, as it might start to take nourishment from different plants in your nursery.

3. Marble Queen Money Plant

Marble Queen Money Plant

The leaves of these money plants have a smooth white tone. These plants are promptly accessible in the nurseries close to you. Marble Queens requires brilliant daylight to hold their wonderful varieties. So save your plants in direct sun for no less than 4-6 hours per day.

4. Marble Prince Money Plant

Marble Prince Money Plant

The element that separates the marble lord plant from the marble queen plant is its unmistakable white and green tones on the leaves. In the event thing for have a plant to keep inside, marble prince is an extraordinary decision, as the variegated examples of the leaves can add a great touch to your insides.

5. Silver Money Plant

Silver Money Plant

Renowned for its variegation and lovely foliage, the silver is otherwise called silk pothos. These plants look astounding with the shimmery silver-tone designs over green leaves. They fill well in aberrant daylight, which makes them best for developing inside. You can keep these pothos plants close to windows in hanging pots, as they look best while descending from the compartments.

6. Swiss Cheese Money Plant

Swiss Money Plant

One more well-known houseplant with huge leaves is the Swiss cheddar money plant. The plant gets its name because of the delightfully variegated and shiny leaves that have a punctured example like cheddar. It is a climber that you can become both inside and outside of your home. These plants fill well in the brilliant yet aberrant sun.

7. Big Leaf Money Plant

Big Leaf Money Plant

These plants have enormous leaves and thick trunks. If you are a novice, growing a major leaf cash plant will be the ideal decision for you. These plants do not just consume a greater space that can assist you with concealing the messy spots in your nurseries, yet they are likewise low upkeep and don’t need a lot of care.

8. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

One more well-known houseplant is normally seen in tropical areas. Frequently an indoor plant, you can develop it outside also. It doesn’t need a lot of consideration and can endure even in dry circumstances. The dim green, heart-molded leaves of this plant recognizes it from different assortments. You can put it on an inspired stool, and the falling foliage of the plant will add an exemplary touch to your insides.

9. Neon Money Plant

Neon Money Plant

These money plants have unique and one-of-a-kind foliage, which looks seemingly flawless. Neon Money Plants have a dazzling brilliant yellow variety that offers Neon or shining impact. This sparkle is apparent more in the youthful leaves than in the experienced ones. With this, also know about the golden bamboo – an evergreen plant in India.