How To Plant & Grow Golden Bamboo – Outdoor Plant

Golden Bamboo

What Is Golden Bamboo?

Have you grown a garden that is occupied with ornamental plants and trees? If yes, then, you should not forget to cultivate the golden bamboo plant. Scientifically, you can call it Phyllostachys aurea. In addition, its other popular names are fishpole bamboo, monk’s belly bamboo, and fairyland bamboo. Have a look at the various types of money plants.

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Tips for Caring Golden Bamboo

Planting golden bamboo is a tedious task. It should be taken care of in the best possible way. Some best possible caring options are given below:

1. Sunlight

Golden bamboo is cultivated best in the bright sunshine. It should get sunlight for at least six to eight hours a day. Late afternoon shade is also useful in its prolific growth.

2. Well-drained Soil

The soil that is required for its cultivation should be well-drained because it does not create the problem of waterlogging when the water is sprinkled on it. In very hot weather, extra watering per week is needed for growing golden bamboo.

3. Temperature

Golden bamboo flourishes in hot weather. Though cold weather is considered for growing golden bamboo plants, its growth is not as good as it remains in cold weather.

4. Pruning

The dead or weak stems of the golden bamboo plant should be pruned periodically. Subsequently, its good shape and size will enhance the glory of your garden.

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Which problems can affect the growth of the golden bamboo plant?

The key problems that can trigger the growth of the golden bamboo plant negatively are sooty mold and root rot. The pests like aphids and mealybugs cause the problem of sooty mold. The root rot problem either lies in the plant’s root or within the cane. This can kill the plant completely.

It is advised to prune the golden bamboo tree periodically. Subsequently, water in the bottom and air circulation will avoid the problem of root rot.

Another problem is the problem of yellowing leaves. This problem occurs due to the wrong watering schedule. If the soil is very dry, then, you should keep watering it otherwise the problem of yellowing leaves will persist. If the soil is soggy and smells sour, then, the problem of too much water is lying there. Hence, it should be taken care of that the watering schedule should be in the proper order.

If the leaves of a bamboo tree are curled, it means that the bamboo tree is not getting enough water. But if the leaves of the plant get curled in the afternoon only, and then, get back smooth again, it means that the bamboo tree is affected by the hot weather. In this case, if it is planted in the container, then, that container should be placed in the shade. Consequently, the leaves of the plant will not get curled.

You should fertilize this plant at least two or three times per year. In this way, it will thrive in the best possible manner. Also, you would like to know about the modern wooden swings for homes and gardens.

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How to Propagate the Golden Bamboo?

Since flowers rarely bloom on golden bamboo and it doesn’t produce seeds, therefore, propagation of golden bamboo should be done with cuttings. But one thing that should be kept in mind is that its propagation is not easier than the other plants. You need to put some hard effort to propagate the golden bamboo.

  1. A section of the cane should be cut around 10 inches. That cut should be at a 45-degree angle. It should contain at least three nodes.
  2. Take a powdered rooting hormone and dip one side of the 10 inches cane in it.
  3. The cane should be dug in well-drained soil so that the problem of water logging will not occur in it. The end of the cane should be buried in the powdered rooting hormone in a way that the first node of the cane will be covered.
  4. Keep watering the soil daily. It should be watered in a balanced quantity. Excess water can discourage the growth of the golden bamboo plant.
  5. The center of the cut cane should be filled with water. Check the water in the cane periodically and make sure that it should remain full.
  6. You should ensure that direct sunlight will not come on the plant. Direct sunlight can decay the leaves by transforming them into a pale color.
  7. Once it will start growing, then, you can place the container of the plant in your desired place. It will certainly thrive faster than the other plants.

Golden Bamboo

How to Plant the Golden Bamboo Plant in a Container?

The golden bamboo plant should be grown in a container if you want its nice size, shape, and length. The container for its plantation should be 24 inches wide and 24 inches deep. If your container has no holes. Then, do two or three holes in it so that system of drainage should be there and the problem of waterlogging will not occur. You should ensure that watering the plants should be done from time to time but not in excessive quantity. Excessive watering of the plant can do a decline in its growth. Know the details about the rose creeper plant, also known as the climbing rose plant.

You should make sure that the container is heavy. It will not blow over in the wind. The container should be filled with well-drained potting soil and the bamboo should be planted in a way that the top of its root ball should be with the top of the soil. Make sure that the plant should not be buried deeply by you otherwise, the problem of root rot will decay the plant entirely. The area around the root ball should be covered with potting soil. Consequently, the air pockets will be removed. In this way, your golden bamboo plant will be ready for prolific growth. Know about the best umbrella brands in India.

You need to pay special attention to it in the winter season. The thick layer of mulch should be spread over the soil of the bamboo plant if extreme cold weather is predicted. That thick layer of mulch can warm the plant and it will be saved in the extremely cold winds. The warmth is essential for the sustainable growth of the plant.