Bel Mehndi Design For Front Hand – New & Modern

bel mehendi design

If you want to choose the bel mehndi design for a festive occasion, then we are here to help you with smart bel mehndi designs 2023. These bel designs are unique and will satisfy your purpose of looking more beautiful. It will also interest you to have a different designs on one sided mehndi designs for front and back hand,

As we know mehndi designs are popular across the country. These designs are considered a special element of the girl’s/women’s makeup. If the girls/women don’t include it in their makeup on any festive occasion or the wedding celebration of any close relative, then, their makeup is considered incomplete.

Furthermore, mehndi is considered auspicious for a bride. It is believed that its dark red color denotes the love of her husband for her. But the problem lies in only getting the perfect mehndi designs when you start hunting for them. There are some of the royal half-hand mehndi designs which you would like to have a look on at.

Therefore, we will suggest the following top 10 bel mehndi designs to add charms to your grace:

1. Beautiful Bel Mehndi Design

Why don’t you try this simple and beautiful bel design? This bel henna design will add charm to your beauty when you will dress up in beautiful attire. Take a screenshot of this pattern and save it in your phone’s gallery so that you will be able to carve this design easily on your palm.

Beautiful Bel mehndi design

2. Gorgeous Bel Back Hand Mehndi Design

Are you preparing yourself to get ready for a party? Are you dreaming of a gorgeous look at a wedding party? Then you are hunting for the best bel mehndi design for your backhand at the right place. You will certainly gather the attention of everyone at the party. Hence, you should apply this gorgeous bel mehndi design to your backhand.

Gorgeous Bel Mehndi

3. Fabulous Bel Mehndi Design for Fingers

Try this minimal bel mehndi design for fingers. You will look more pretty and stylish whenever you will go to any party after applying this bel design on your fingers.

Fabulous Bel Mehndi

4. Stylish Net Like Bel Mehndi Design for BackHand

WOW! What a stylish bel mehndi design it is that you should try! The best feature of this design is the net-like pattern that will make you more graceful when you will get ready for the party.

Hence, be ready to prepare for looking prettier than before by applying this bel mehndi design. Take its screenshot and save it in your phone gallery, otherwise, you will lose it.

stylish bel mehndi design

5. Simple Bel Mehndi Design for Your Back Hand  

Apply this simple bel mehndi design for your backhand. The leaves that you will etch on your backhand can steal the mind of anyone. You can choose this backhand design for any occasion and at any time.

simple bel mehendi design

Source: Pinterest

6. Royal Bel Mehndi Design for Your Front Hand

What an artistic design it is! You are going to get a royal look by letting your mehndi designer on your palm. You will get the image of the painting as this is not a mehndi design only, but also a beautiful painting. Hence, try this lovely design on your palm. If you are a mehndi designer, then, you should try it on your clients’ palms to get their appreciating words.

royal bel mehndi design

Source: Tulsi Mehendi

7. Lovely Bel Mehndi Design for Your Front Hand

Prefer this bel mehndi design for the upcoming festive occasion. The unique pattern that you will etch on your hand will steal your heart. You are going to make yourself lovely with this mehndi design.

lovely bel mehdni design

Source: Heenography

8. Unique Geometrical Bel Mehndi Design for Your Front Hand

The geometrical patterns etched on this design are unique. You will not find this bel mehndi design for your front hand if you lose it today. The perfect choice that you should try if you are a bridesmaid or the sister of the groom. You will certainly look very fabulous at the wedding party by applying this best bel mehndi design 2022.

unique bel mehndi design

Source: Heenography

9. Graceful Rose Flower Bel Mehndi Design for Your Back Hand

If you are fond of minimal bel mehndi design, then, this unique and trending will steal your heart on your first look. You should apply this graceful rose flower bel henna design on your backhand and gather the attention of everyone around you.

graceful mehndi design

10. Phenomenal Floral Motifs Bel Mehndi Design for Your Front Hand

Try this phenomenal bel design on your palm. You should etch these floral motifs on your palms as these are trending nowadays.

floral bel mehndi design

Source: Nida Farooqui

You might also like to have a look at simple and latest red mehndi designs for full hand.

Some Useful Tips That You Should Try For Getting A Dark Colour

  1. Clean your hands with soap before applying the mehndi to your hands. In this way, mehndi will be absorbed in your hands and you will get a perfect dark red color for your henna design.
  2. After washing your hands, apply eucalyptus oil to your red henna design to make it more lovely and darker.
  3. Have patience after carving mehndi design on your hand for long hours. The more it gets dried, the more it gives the chance of giving a red color.
  4. You can use the smoke of heated cloves to get the dark color of mehndi. If you do it, you will undeniably get a dark red color of Mehndi.
  5. You can apply a mixture of sugar and lemon to your hands. Dab this mixture smoothly with the help of a cotton ball. You will certainly get a dark red color for your green Mehndi design.
  6. One more thing that can help you is the Vicks. Rub it on your hands and the heat that you will get on your hands is going to give you a dark color for your henna design.
  7. If you are a would-be bride, then, you should be extra cautious. No more pedicure and manicure treatments should be applied by you after getting the mehndi design on your hands. Otherwise, the chemical treatment related to beauty will make you lose the color of mehndi.
  8. If you want that you will get the best red color, then, you should fix the mehndi ceremony before 2-3 days to get the best look for your mehndi.
  9. Even after removing the mehndi design, you should stay away from water for at least 24 hours.