Best Rum Brands In India – Top White Rum Brand in India

Best Rum Brands

Are you ready to chill out at a party on this wintery night? If yes, then, you should drink rum, a strong alcoholic beverage to lose yourself in the warm vibes of the party. You can get various ranges of rum including dark, light, spiced, flavored, gold, and brown. This drink is made of sugarcane juice that is preserved for months or years. Also, take close note of the list of gin brands in India.

Hence, be ready to chill out at the party, club, or bar with a branded rum as we have curated a list of the 10 best rum brands in India. You can consume rum either with water or any carbonated soft drink to experience a great taste and flavor on your palate. Continue reading the article:

1. Old Monk

Old Monk

Old Monk is the oldest rum that you should try if you are an alcoholic. This brand was launched in 1954. Since then, it has become a favorite brand of beer lovers. It is not only available in India but also in Asian restaurants because of its premium quality. This is manufactured by a conventional method. It is matured in oak barrels for at least 7 years. When you drink it, you will get pleasant notes of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla flavor on your palate.

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2. Hercules Deluxe

Hercules Deluxe

In 1906, the Khoday Group ( House of Khodays) was founded. Hercules Deluxe is one of the most prestigious drinks that is manufactured by this group. This drink is used by army personnel the most. They vote for it the most. Due to its leading position, this rum has won many gold medals awarded by Monde Selection in the years 1978, 1983, and 1989. You should also try this at least once in your life and you will be thrilled with its rich taste and revitalizing impact.

3. Maka Zai

Maka Zai

If you are a dark rum lover, you should try the gold rum of the Maka Zai brand to upgrade yourself. This is the best-sipping alternative to dark rum, and therefore, its lovers are found in Goa the most. This brand was manufactured by Kasturi Banerjee who invested her 14 meaningful years of life in offering banking services. But one revolutionary change came to her life when she decided to leave financial services to become a leading bartender in India. Its homegrown distillery is located in Mumbai. People do like wines, know about the best wine brands in India.

4. McDowell’s No.1

McDowell’s No.1 Rum

According to the World’s Million case spirits brand 2020 ranking, McDowell’s No.1 is included in the list of the world’s best-selling whisky brands. This brand is about 120 years old. The reason behind this brand’s success story is that this brand has never compromised on quality.  It is made by blending whisky and Indian malts.  You should taste it to get exceptional joy and excitement.

5. Rock Paper Rum

Rock Paper Rum

Lalit Kalan, the third-generation founder launched Rock Paper rum across the country. The main ingredient of sugarcane is distilled three times while manufacturing the Rock Paper rum. You can choose the Rock Paper Indian Spiced Rum and Rock Paper Coastal White Rum. The alcohol percentage that is found in the rum is around 42.8%. Hence, buy it and drink it to enjoy its punchy flavor.

6. Amrut Two Indies Rum

Amrut Two Indies Rum

The same distillery that is manufacturing the Old Port rum is manufacturing Amrut Two Indies Rum in India. Both rums are of the finest qualities and leading in India. These beers taste good and when you try Amrut Two Indies Rum, you will find that this tastes like tropical fruits and honey.  The alcohol percentage that is found in this rum is 42.8%.  Hence, try this brandy this weekend.

7. Ron Zacapa

Ron Zacapa Rum

Do you want to drink a premium-quality rum this weekend? Then, you should taste Ron Zacapa’s drink. This is produced in Guatemala by Rum Creation and Products. This is a subsidiary of Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala. This drink was launched in 1976 to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the town named Zacapa. The alcoholic percentage that is found in this beverage is around 40%. The mouth-filled ingredients like vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, oak, caramel, sweet apple, etc. will fill your mouth with intense flavor and taste when you will drink it.  Hence, enjoy this ultra-premium rum that is available across the country.

8. Bacardi Rums

Bacardi Rums

Bacardi rums are among the best rums that are distributed globally. You will find 200 brands of this rum. They use three main ingredients when manufacturing the rum. These ingredients include yeast, molasses from sugarcane, and water. Afterward, these ingredients are fermented, distilled, and blended to transform into the world’s best rum of nowadays. This first-ever mojito called for Bacardi Carta Blanca can be experimented with gold and flavored rums for getting a unique twist. Hence, without any wait, buy Barcadi rum and chill out at the party, club, or bar.

9. Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan Rum

Captain Morgan rum is included in the list of those best rums that are in high demand across the world. You will get an extensive range of rums including Captain Morgan’s original spiced gold, Captain Morgan Dark Rum, and Captain Morgan White Rum. hence, be ready to enjoy long evenings with the latest drinks produced by the Captain Morgan brand. The alcohol percentage that is found in this beverage is around 35%. This rum has a good story behind it as it is named after the 17th-century privateer Sir Henry Morgan. Hence, enjoy the sumptuous taste of Captain Morgan’s secret recipes.

10. Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate Rum

Appleton Estate is the oldest rum in Jamaica.  Now, it is available across the world. It was launched in the year 1749. Since then, it has maintained its premium quality. Ingredients that are used in this drink have an intense taste and flavor. The alcohol percentage that is found in this party beverage is 40%. Therefore, if you are planning any beer party or rum party, you should include this rum on your list to get the WOW of your friends. Tequila shots is very famous when we are with our friends, have a look on the best and top tequila brands in the country.

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Hope that you have liked the best Indian rum brands that are available across the country and worldwide. Also, take a look at the best beer brands in India.