Best Wine Brands In India With Price List

Wine Brands

Best Wine Brands in India with Price List

Wine is a strong alcoholic beverage that is loved across the world. It originated in 6000 BC. Since then, it has been consumed by the people. The royal families understand this alcoholic beverage as their standard symbol. The name ‘wine’ is derived from the word ‘winam’. Winam is a Proto-Germanic word. In India, millions of people drink wine. A bottle of good quality wine at an affordable price is always their choice. In this article, we have curated a list of the best wine brands in India that are highly popular among consumers. It will also interest you to know about the best tequila brands in the world.


S.NO. Brand Name Winery Price
1. Sula Sula Vineyards 895 INR
2. Sette Fratelli Vineyards 1700 INR
3. Merlot Big Banyan Wines 750 INR
4. La Reserve Grover Zampa Vineyards 1050 INR
5. Barrique Reserve Four Seasons Vineyards 1000 INR
6. Tempranillo Charosa Winery 1500 INR
7. Reveilo Raveilo Winery Nashik Valley 1500 INR
8. York Arros York Winery Nashik Valley 950 INR
9. Myra Myra Vineyards Nashik Valley 1500 1500 INR
10. KRSMA Hampi Hills 1800 INR

1. Sula


Are you a wine lover? Then, you certainly know the name of Sula. Sula is the prime choice of all wine lovers. Rajeev Samant, the owner of Sula Vineyard launched the first bottle of Sula wine in 1999. Sula vineyard winery is located in Nashik, Maharashtra. You should taste this wine. It will give you an unforgettable experience because it has a strong aroma and intense flavor. In Indian restaurants and bars, this wine is highly served to the customers

2. Sette


Are you fond of Italian red wines? Then, you should choose Sette, a brand of Fratelli vineyards. Fratelli Vineyards was founded by the Italian Secci brothers and Sehkhari, Mohite-Patil brothers in 2006. You will be able to find this red wine in each good restaurant and bar in India. This is of premium quality that you will enjoy a lot. Hence, taste it with spicy food and lose yourself in its intense flavors. Also, have a look at the list of best red wine brands in India.

3. Merlot


Merlot is the brand of Big Banyan winery. It is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The Big Banyan organizes unique tours that attract its customers across the country. Its two wineries are located in Karnataka and Goa. it belongs to the expensive wine category. Its manufacturers take care of its quality. Therefore, it is loved by wine lovers a lot.  You can enjoy this premium-quality wine with meat and spicy food.

4. La Reserve

La Reserve

La Reserve is another popular wine brand in India that you should never miss. Whether it is any celebration or event, you will never like to miss La Reserve wine. This is the brand of Grover Zampa Vineyards. Kanwal Grover founded Grover Zampa Winery with Vallee di Vin in 1988. But in 2012, he came out of this merger. You will be able to choose a variety of wines from the Big Banyan winery.

5. Barrique


Do you want to taste the powerful flavor of wine at affordable prices? Then, you should drink Barrique wine. Barrique wine brand is the product of Four Seasons. The vineyards of the Four Seasons are situated in Maharashtra and Banglore. You can get a wide range of wine within your budget.

6. Tempranillo


Tempranillo is a popular brand of Charosa winery. Charosa Winery is famous for offering premium quality and semi-premium quality wines to its customers. You will not only get tempranillo wine from that winery but also a wide range of premium wines. You can enjoy this with meat and Indian food. Moreover, the best thing is that it is available at affordable prices. Hence, you should taste this wine to taste the strong aroma and flavors that will give you a delightful experience.

7. Reveilo


Reveilo wine is the brand of Reveilo Winery. It is one of the best red wines and is liked by red wine lovers a lot. You will experience a delightful taste when you taste it. It offers different tours and trips in its vineyards for its customers. You can also be a part of those trips and tours in their vineyards. It offers more than 12 types of wines across the country. Reveilo Syrah, Reveilo Cabernet Sauvignon, Revelio Chardonnay, and Reveilo Chenin Blanc are some of the best wine names that will come at affordable prices.

8. York Arros

York Arros

Do you want to try any beverages? Why don’t you try York Arros? It is a premium quality brand that offers fruit wines. The Shiraz wine is really good as it is made up of plums. You can taste it with Indian spicy food and get an amazing taste. This is the product of York Winery which is situated in Nashik, Maharashtra. It offers various tours of awareness to increase the sale of wine in its vineyards. You can also join them. Hence, try this red wine at affordable prices and experience a pleasant taste on your palate.

9. Myra


Change the taste of wine today by drinking Myra wine. You can try this wine with pizza and pasta to get a delightful experience. This wine is preferred because of its smooth texture, intense flavor, and lip-smacking taste. Ajay Shetty founded Myra Winery in 2011. In 2015, this winery announced its first unfiltered red wine. It said firmly that this type of wine is full of natural characteristics and the aromatic flavor is also found much stronger than other filtered red wines. Its manufacturing units are located at Bijapur in northern Karnataka and Dindori in Nashik. Taste this wine and taste the intense flavor.



KRSMA is also another best wine brands that will offer you an unforgettable experience of drinking in an Indian restaurant and bar. In professional places, this wine is considered ideal. You can use this wine at parties also. Its customers highly recommend and drink it as the parent group KRSMA never compromises on quality and taste. It maintains quality and taste. The company belongs to Karnataka and is ranked among the world’s best 50 wines.

Hope that you have liked the list of the best wine brands. With this, you might like to have a piece of detailed information on the best rum brands in India. Choose what you like the most. Drink with love and serve with happiness. On vacations and holidays, people do like to consume beers especially when their vacation is on the beach. Have a look at the best beer brands in India.